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  • Diesel Tuning Box

    Diesel Tuning Box


    Paramount can supply a simply huge range of diesel tuning boxes for most cars, trucks and even tractors – If you drive it, the chances are we have a diesel tuning box for your vehicle.

    Most of our diesel tuning boxes are in stock and ready to be either fitted by us, or shipped to your door with full instructions

    Diesel Tuning boxes are pre-programmed plug and play, connecting to multiple sensors under the bonnet for the very best in control and performance. There is a diesel tuning box for almost every modern diesel engine, the Paramount diesel tuning boxes are very effective for boosting power, performance and fuel economy.

    Diesel tuning boxes are very good value, they are not expensive, they are though of the very highest quality, programmable and specific for each vehicle,

    Please don’t confuse these with the cheap poor quality boxes you may see elsewhere on the internet

    30 day Trial: If you are not delighted with your tuning box, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund – drive, test enjoy with peace of mind!

    Please feel free to order here, but ensure you tell us the age, make, model and engine of your vehicle

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  • Alientech Kess V2 Master Cars – Tuning Tool Bikes, Cars, Vans

    Alientech Kess V2 Master Tuning Tool – Bikes, Cars, Vans Alientech Kess V2 OBD Master tuning tool, brand new Alientech Kess Master tuning unit hardware and protocols including Bike, Car and Vans, along with the standard Alientech Kess cable set. This Kess V2 Master tuning tool is fully genuine – brand new and boxed Master Alientech Kess with no ties to any provider. Approved Alientech master file writing training is available on request, this Master Kess comes with set up support and installation help. This Alientech Kess V2 Master tuning tool is provided with Bike, Car and Vans protocols ready to use and a 12month Alientech licence and upgrades.

  • Jaguar XF / XE Gearbox Tuning TUC

    Jaguar XE/XF Automatic Gearbox Tuning 

    Jaguar XE gearbox and Jaguar XF gearbox tuning and remapping – mail order and worldwide service

    The Paramount Jaguar gearbox tuning will improve both the gearbox shift speed and the torque delivered from the Jaguar automatic ZF gearbox.

    Offering significant improvements in 0-6 times, ¼ mile time and speed – available with worldwide mail order, and driver self-tuning device – anywhere any time.

    If you have any particular needs for your Jaguar, please call us for further information


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  • Jaguar F-Type Gearbox Tuning TCU

    Jaguar F-Type Auto Gearbox Tuning – TCU Tuning 

    NEW JAGUAR (ZF) GEARBOX TUNING : Suitable for the V6 and V8 Jaguar F Type

    This service is available for direct upload and fitment in the UK, and also with our mail order driver self tuning option, so where ever you are, we can arrange the upload and tuning of your gearbox… click to read more ..


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