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  • Alientech Training – 3 day diesel car tuning training course

    3-day diesel car tuning training course – Alientech

    Alientech Training 3-day diesel car tuning training course held in the UK, this specific Alientech ECM tuning training course is for diesel engines and their management software. In the 3 days, we will teach you the art of diesel engine tuning and remapping, as well as the creation of custom diesel software and tuning files, including road cars and vans for power, performance and tuning for fuel economy and max MPG.

    Our Alientech Training three-day diesel remapping training course is suited to those with a basic understanding of tuning tools, and diesel engines, it is aimed at beginners wanting to learn to write their own diesel tuning files and maps.

    In this Alientech Training three-day, diesel remapping training course covers in great detail the tuning of the engine ECU, how to find the files and maps needed to tune the engine, which engine control files to change, and what percentage to change to get the best effect, be it for max power, torque of fuel economy from the diesel engine.

    Alientech Training software and ECM will be provided for the training, so you do not have to purchase your software to attend, please note though we will only train and supply software for students operating genuine original Alientech software.

    If you are looking at Alientech software or tuning tools, we can offer great discounts to attending students who learn to tune and remap with us. Our Alientech training courses are run in the UK by highly experienced master file writers with many many years of operating the Alientech software in real live tuning environments, for this reason, all our tuning and ECU remapping training is also held in a fully operational tuning workshop complete with rolling road tuning sessions.

    All Alientech tuning tools, software and equipment can be made available for the training, but is also for sale, mailorder and worldwide tax-free sales are also available subject to your location.

  • Alientech Kess V2 Master Hardware – Tuning Tool Hardware only

    Alientech Kess V2 Master – Hardware only Alientech Kess V2 Master OBD tuning system, brand new Alientech kess master tuning unit hardware and standard Alientech Kess V2 cable set. This Kess V2 Master tuning tool is unique and not locked to any specific tool provider, it will allow you to tune and trade and your own independent master tuner. Master tuning files can be provided if required. Alientech Kess V2 master training, and tuning file writing training is also available on the Alientech ECM map writing software. kess v2 set up and installation support is included This Master Kess V2 tuning tool is provided without protocols, protocols can be chosen before or after purchase for an additional fee. Please enquire now if you have any questions or need advice or training… read more …

  • Alientech Kess V2 Master Cars – Tuning Tool Bikes, Cars, Vans

    Alientech Kess V2 Master Tuning Tool – Bikes, Cars, Vans Alientech Kess V2 OBD Master tuning tool, brand new Alientech Kess Master tuning unit hardware and protocols including Bike, Car and Vans, along with the standard Alientech Kess cable set. This Kess V2 Master tuning tool is fully genuine – brand new and boxed Master Alientech Kess with no ties to any provider. Approved Alientech master file writing training is available on request, this Master Kess comes with set up support and installation help. This Alientech Kess V2 Master tuning tool is provided with Bike, Car and Vans protocols ready to use and a 12month Alientech licence and upgrades.

  • Alientech ECM Titanium 3.0 Credit Version – Map Writing Software 149757EC19

    Alientech ECM Titanium – Credit Version This is the credit version of the Alientech ECM Titanium Tuning file writing software. If you don’t tune that often, or are just getting started, the Alientech ECM Titanium Map Writing Software Credit Version may be the one for you. And don’t forget, we also offer free Alientech ECM Titanium Tuning Software demonstrations, so come and use the software with a master trainer and file writer to ensure its what you want before you buy.