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Supercharger Pulley Upgrades

Performance Parts, Performance Parts

Paramount Performance’s supercharger pulley upgrade will dramatically improve your car’s mid-range power and throttle response. The increase in power is approximately 35 horsepower. Consequently, with Paramount Performance supercharger pulley upgrade, you will be able to enhance the performance and power of your car.

Paramount Performance has now upgraded more than 600 supercharger pulleys. In addition to offering a mail order service worldwide, Paramount Performance also offers a supply-and-fit service. We can provide you with a supercharger upgrade that is fully fitted and tested. If you want a little bit more power. You can also combine your pulley with a custom tune and remap. Together, they offer an amazing boost to power and performance.

At Paramount Performance we can offer a mail order service and international shipping options. It also offers tax-free international sales. If you’re in the UK, you may be interested in Paramount Performance’s while you wait supercharger pulley fitting service. Find out how Paramount Performance can push your BHP even further.

Charge Coolers

A turbo- or supercharged engine will usually come with an intercooler or charge-cooler from the factory. They are vital parts of the engine. By compressing air, turbo- or superchargers force more air into an engine. However, this also heats the air. As hot air contains less oxygen, it is bad for engines, and it increases the risk of detonation due to temperature swings within the cylinders. A water-to-air charge-cooler or air-to-air intercooler cools this air down and increases power while stabilizing the air temperature.

Your car may have come with an adequate intercooler or charge-cooler to handle stock power levels on a moderately driven car, but you can begin to notice its limitations as you drive harder or increase power levels. The car will either not have as much power as it could, or the engine will reduce power as the temperature rises.

The installation of a more efficient intercooler or charge-cooler can in both increase the power and reduce power loss during hard driving as temperatures rise. By itself, more cold air can increase power in your engine. In addition, it is ideal for use in upgrade packages that increase boost. A stable inlet temperature equals more stable power!

Air Filters

The internal combustion engine requires oxygen to function properly, so optimizing your engine’s intake system to ensure that it gets all the cold air it can use will help to keep the engine functioning efficiently and generating the most power possible. Replacing the original paper filter element with a free flowing performance air filter from a brand like K&N Filters is one of the easiest performance upgrades. Performance air filter elements are made from oiled cotton or oiled foam and drop right into your original air box, allowing your car’s factory air box to perform as well as possible.

Performance Parts, Performance Parts
Performance Parts, Performance Parts

Induction kits are the next step. It is possible to install a much larger filter element by replacing the original air box. It is more common to swap out the flat panel for a cone that has a larger surface, either through an enclosed cold air feed, behind a heat shield, or just using the same air supply as the original air box. While a free-flowing air intake may sound better, an enclosed intake system will serve the best purpose of supplying cold air to the engine. Pipes to and from the air box may need to be replaced depending on the type of intake selected.

Choosing an intake filter will depend on what you want from it. When it comes to induction noise, an open cone air filter is most definitely your best bet. When it comes to performance, a cold air feed will be most effective.


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