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Upgrade your driving experience today with an engine remap from the best in the industry. Paramount Performance is a division of VIEZU Technologies. We exclusively use VIEZU approved tuning products when it comes to engine remaps and gearbox remaps. For more than 15 years, VIEZU has been providing engine and gearbox remapping solutions to customers and the trade around the world. A reliable insurance-backed guarantee is provided with all our engine and gearbox remaps.

Each remap is optimised specifically for the vehicle make and model, ensuring that our services meet your unique requirements. Our remapping processes use the latest technology and equipment, ensuring precise and effective tuning.

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Performance Tuning

If you are looking for maximum performance, improved response, and faster acceleration, then a performance tune is the best option for you. Our highly experienced tuning team has developed and tested the safest and most effective tunes in the industry. Our VIEZU Performance remaps are safe and reliable, yet also exhilarating.

Choose a VIEZU Performance tune and you can expect a host of benefits including increased performance, more power and torque and an overall improvement in your driving experience. You will also feel a more responsive and alert throttle, further improving the driving experience.

What’s more, in most cases you will find an improvement in fuel economy too. A benefit you might not have been expecting from a Performance tune.

Economy Tuning

Boost your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 20%. As a division of VIEZU Technologies we provide an award-winning economy focused tuning option.

Our economy focused tunes are developed by VIEZU Technologies, and thoroughly tested on their in-house 3,000bhp state of the art rolling road, and their Euro 5 emission certified research and development centre. No other tuning company carries out the same level of research and development.

Usually most popular with drivers of commercial vehicles or fleet vehicles, an Economy tune can provide a saving of up to 20% in fuel usage, reduce vehicle emissions, and provide smoother power delivery.

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Personal tuning devices

Gearbox Tuning

Upgrade your gearbox performance as well as your engine performance. Quicker shifting, faster acceleration, and increased torque limits.

We offer a wide range of gearbox tuning services for BMW TCUs (Transmission Control Units), VAG DSGs and Jaguar Land Rover gearboxes. A DSG or TCU tune from VIEZU is the perfect complement to an engine tune and an ECU remap from VIEZU.

We create our gearbox tuning files specifically for the direct-shift gearbox of your vehicle and you as the driver, not just an off-the-shelf product.

We can tune your paddle-shift gearbox and TCU to give you the ultimate driving experience, including launch control tuning, shift and torque limiter tuning, and adjustments.  Our DSG and TCU tuning, of course, comes with our 30-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. Furthermore, changes will be made to the clutch plate pressures and the amount of slip allowed in the gearbox.

Personal Tuning Devices

Is it time for you to take control of your vehicle’s engine remap? Then a home tuning device may be the thing you need, and this technology has vastly improved, and it’s much simpler than you imagine!

If you’re considering remapping your car and want total flexibility to change your tune at any time, VIEZU’s home tuning devices could be a great option.  There are multiple drive settings available on these devices as well, so you can select the best remap for your upcoming journey.  In less than 15 minutes, you can switch between maps.

The same professionally written engine remap data files applied through different delivery methods:

VIEZU’s highly experienced technical team creates the tuning files for the Powergate and My Genius, and they feature all the benefits you’d expect from a VIEZU remap.

Tuning that has been tried and tested, backed up by a solid guarantee. Only the installation method differs. With one of these hand-picked home tuning devices, you simply select which Drive Settings you want. It is possible to store multiple tunes, engine remaps or Drive Settings on a device. VIEZU offers eight different Drive Settings.  These files are custom written to your requirements.

Full instructions are provided for Alientech Powergate, Dimsport My Genius, and the JB4 Tuning systems, including how to set up and use the app (where applicable). Our friendly support team is always on-hand if you have questions.

With our Personal Tuning Devices, you can enjoy total flexibility. You get massive flexibility with a VIEZU home tuning device rather than committing to a single remap file. The home tuning devices we offer can store multiple files, so you can choose the setting that’s right for you.

There are some fantastic benefits to the JB4 system, but it comes with its own tuning profiles pre-installed. With My Genius and Powergate, you can take advantage of VIEZU Drive Settings.

Stage 1 tuning
Stage 2 tuning


At the entry level of tuning, and won’t include mechanical modifications. The performance will be dramatic, and it will be comfortable to drive on the road, with power delivered at higher rev ranges when you need it. Suitable for standard or moderately modified vehicles.


Once other mechanical modifications are made to the vehicle, this would be required. It is necessary to remap the ECU in order to accommodate these changes. Modifications like this could be installed on a road going vehicle with a smaller supercharger pulley, performance exhaust system, or hybrid turbo upgrade, for example.


There are no limits to what you can do! Tuning would take place on a dyno with data logging and is suitable for heavily modified vehicles. Modifications may include injectors, turbos, higher fuel pressure pumps, and more.

Stage 3 remap

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