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The world of car tuning, remapping, and “pimping rides” is a fast and fun place to be. Paramount Performance has been tuning cars and supplying tuning parts and services for over 20 years now. Paramount is one of the oldest and most respected car tuning providers in the UK and we will be happy to work and tune with you!

There are many exciting ways of working with us

Car Tuning Dealership  

Paramount offer complete readymade car tuning introduction packages. We offer free training and support for those wanting to move into tuning, and a huge range of tuning tools, software, and equipment depending on what you would like to tune and where you are based.

Our dealer technical support is free and is live 7 days a week.

Tuning files and tools are cheap with a range of flexible packages to suit all budgets.

And if you are not sure why not join us for one of our free car tuning demonstration days, you can join us for the day and we will show you all there is to learn about the options and car tuning tools and software – we are here to help!    


We offer car tuning training and tuning courses for those who would like to learn to tune and remap themselves. This is known as Master tuning, and we are very well established at helping master tuning dealers get into tuning. See more about our car tuning training courses.

We offer a huge range of master tuning tools, software and equipment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The Alientech range of tuning tools, Kess, ECM, K-tag, and all accessories
  • Dimsport Genius, Race 2000, (map writing software)
  • MD – Car Tuning tool, OBD tuning and Bench Tricore upgrades

Whatever you are looking for we can assist, and if you already have your own car tuning software and tools, this too is fine.

Master Vehicle and Car Tuning File Service

If you already have your own tuning system, and software, and are simply looking for a supply of high-quality master tuning files… look no further. We offer a full and extensive range of tuning files for all tuning tools and software, and vehicle types for both Gasoline tuning and diesel tuning applications.

Master tuning files are open, unencrypted, and can be re-used. They are of exceptional value too.

Car tuning Parts, Performance Exhaust systems trade and retail

We also offer trade relationships on our range of car tuning parts, exhaust systems, catalytic converters and exhaust mufflers, as well as supercharger pulleys and other car tuning parts.

For more information on how we can grow and support your car tuning business, or how to become a retail and tuning partner of Paramount Performance please e-mail us at

And if you are not sure, and simply want to meet us for a coffee and a chat that is fine, our head office is just outside Birmingham and we will be very happy to meet you. We look forward to hearing from you.


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