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There are a number of factors that come into play when you come to choose the right performance exhaust system for your car. It’s not just about how it sounds or looks; a crucial factor is making sure that it fits your vehicle. Other considerations you have to think about are the  exhaust flow, back pressure, and how different materials and designs can affect the performance.

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What Are The Benefits of Having a Performance Exhaust System?

A performance exhaust system is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your car’s performance. A new exhaust system can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance by improving exhaust flow and reducing back pressure. This can lead to increased horsepower and a more responsive acceleration experience. The deep resonance that comes with a high-quality exhaust system can give your car the sound that car enthusiasts want and not only that but a shiny new exhaust can add to the visual appeal of your vehicle.

So, whether you’re looking for a new full exhaust system, a replacement back box, new exhaust tips, or even a less restrictive exhaust manifold, at Paramount Performance we have got your performance exhaust needs covered. There’s something for every car and every driver with our huge range of exhaust parts and exhaust systems from Armytrix, Milltek, iPE, Quicksilver, and a range of custom-built exhausts available exclusively at Paramount Performance.

What is Valvetronic Exhaust Technology?

Valvetronic is an innovative system that allows drivers to adjust the loudness of their exhaust sound with the push of a button. The control to open or close the exhaust valves changes the path of the exhaust gases. When the valves are open, the gases take a route that bypasses part of the muffler, resulting in a louder, more aggressive sound. When closed, the exhaust gases are routed through the muffler’s sound-dampening chambers, creating a quieter exhaust note. Valvetronic systems are perfect for those who want versatility—loud and roaring for the track or noise-filled drives, and quiet for early morning starts or cruising through town.

Paramount Performance offers a unique performance exhaust for the Jaguar F-Type, using this Valvetronic technology but unlike other aftermarket performance exhausts ours can be fully integrated with the existing in-car valve control switches. Giving you the same premium feel that you’d expect from the OEM exhaust, but with all the performance and sound improvements you want from a specialist performance exhaust.

Upgrade Options

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

A cat-back exhaust system refers to the section of the exhaust system that runs from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the exhaust tips. This system includes the pipes, mufflers, and often the tailpipe that extends beyond the rear bumper. Cat-back exhausts are often used to alter the sound of the car, giving it a deeper, more pronounced rumble.

200 Cell Sports Cats

200 Cell Sports Cats are designed to enhance gas-flow and heat management, in turn creating more efficiency and performance. A notable increase in midrange power can be achieved, as well as a richer exhaust tone with more profound noise. For the most benefit, 200 Cell Sports Cats should be installed in conjunction with a Cat-Back System. Modifications to catalytic components are illegal in some markets, so check with our team first. Some of these modifications are only suitable for off-road and motorsport use.

What Is The Difference Between Non-Resonated and Resonated Systems?


Non-resonated exhausts are louder than resonated ones since the resonator reduces noise. This is because non-resonated systems do not have the extra chamber designed to cancel out specific sound frequencies. As a result, they produce a rawer, more authentic exhaust note, which is preferred by many car enthusiasts seeking a more aggressive sound.


Resonators are box chambers in the exhaust system that reduce noise by cancelling out certain sound frequencies, resulting in a quieter, more refined exhaust note.

Resonated non resonated

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Sports Catalytic Converters and Sports Cats

Paramount Performance lists a large range of catalytic converters. Some are TUV / EC approved. However, others such as the IPE and Armytrix systems are manufactured outside of Europe and so may not be EC approved. For this reason, all sports catalytic converters for sale on the Paramount Performance website are sold for motorsport and off-road use in the UK and EU, and not for road use. Our expert team is on hand if you need any help choosing the right catalytic converters for your use.

Please be aware any tuning and exhaust system which removes any part of a vehicle’s emission system such as De-cat pipes, DPF, PPF and OPF delete exhaust system may not be legal in some countries, including the UK and across the EU. As such these systems and services are sold for off-road and motorsport use only.

It is vital you check the legislation where you and your vehicle are based before you fit and use these systems on any road-going vehicle.

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