Alientech Kess 3 Vs Dimsport Genius Remapping Tools which is better?

Alientech Kess 3 Vs Dimsport Genius Remapping Tools which is better?

Alientech Kess 3 Vs Dimsport Genius Remapping Tools which is better? The new Alientech Kess 3 tuning and remapping device has hit the market, and tuners who have used either Alientech Kess V2 or Dimsport Genius are wondering what the differences are between the two and whether they should upgrade.

alientech kess 3
Alientech Kess 3

In the first place, both Dimsport and Alientech have been in the business for a long time, producing reliable and stable tuning tools, as well as excellent customer support

The Alientech KessV2 and Dimsport Genius were hard to separate in some ways. Both offered OBD tuning and ECU remapping, with very similar coverage and features. Additionally, requiring additional hardware and software for bench and boot tuning.

Alientech Kess 3 or Dimsport Genius Tuning Tools Which is better?

Dimsport Tuning Tools


The Dimsport Genius

By using their program Race 2000, Dimsport offers both the Genius and Trasdata tuning tools. Genius the OBD tuning tool and in lots of ways its very similar to the Alientech Kess V2. Genius has a touch screen and is handheld. In this way, you can tune the car without having to take your laptop with you to the vehicle. In order to edit the file or send it to another provider, a PC is still required to read it from the Genius. So in other words, the myth that you don’t need a laptop is untrue.

The Dimsport Trasdata

Dimsports’ Trasdata tool is used for bench tuning. In service mode, you use this device if you are directly tuning the ECU pins (Alientech’s equivalent is the K-TAG). With the Trasdata, connections are made as simply as possible thanks to the probe and adapters available.

Up until now, there wasn’t much in it between Alientech’s Kess V2 and K-tag. Or Dimsport’s Genius and Trasdata. Tuners liked Alientech’s open file format since you could use whatever editing software you wanted. Meanwhile, Dimsport’s tools could  only be used with their Race2000 editing software. This restricts tuners’ choices and usage. Dimsport eventually removed the tie to the software, but only after many tuners had switched to other tools.
Alientech kess3 cheap
Alientech kess3


Alientech Kess 3

The Alientech Kess3 introduces a change to everything that has gone before. It’s a new game with different scores and new rules.

A couple of things to consider first: the Alientech Kess3 is both an OBD tuner and a bench / boot tuner. That means you don’t need two tuning devices anymore. In addition, you will only need one subscription set.

Likewise, the Alientech Kess3 is extremely fast. It has a processing power seven times that of either the Kess V2 or Dimsport Genius system. This allows you to tune more efficiently, saving you time, money and with less risk.

‘Alientech Suite’, the brand new navigation software, is also very fast. This service is clear, quick, and easy to find the vehicle you want to remap.

Also, the protocol packages are simplified, it is no longer necessary to purchase packages for motorcycles and cars combined for example. You can therefore select just the protocols that interest you.

Kess3 Tuning Protocols

Bench tuning protocols have also been separated and are no longer grouped by ECU. Now you can select and purchase protocols specific to your vehicle group instead of a full package you may not need.

Among all tuning tools, the Alientech Kess3 has the largest list of applications. It covers cars from as far back as 1998. In addition, coverage is huge, with a large array of vehicles manufactured in the USA, Europe, Asia, and in many other countries. Furthermore, the coverage of tractor and truck tuning is significantly better than any other tool.

Support and technical support at Alientech are among the best in the industry. This is extremely helpful if you need it.

All things considered, the Alientech Kess3 is a game changer and is sure to revolutionize the tuning industry.

Alientech Kess 3 Vs Dimsport Genius Remapping Tools which is better?


We still think that Dimsport is an excellent tool. With the new Alientech Kess3, the bar in now as a whole new level. This device’s speed and the fact that it features both OBD and boot tuning in one package is simply revolutionary.

A very strong all-around package is offered by the Alientech tools for both novices and experts alike. Alientech offers outstanding technical support. Also, the master tools have an open file format. It has significantly lower operating costs as well due to free drivers in the ECM software, and just one subscription fee across the tools.

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