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  • Aston Martin DB9 Stainless Steel – De-Cat Pipe

    Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic converter  – De-Cat Pipe (Motorsport Use)

    Replacement Aston Martin DB9 catalytic converters  De-Cat Pipe  – large bore Aston Martin DB9 sports catalytic converters  De-Cat Pipe for  for motorsport use may require software tuning.

    Aston Martin Db9 Catalytic Converter  De-Cat Pipe s may not be road legal depending on your location – please check before ordering.

    Paramount Performance home to all your Aston Martin Db9 tuning and performance parts 

    Replacement large bore Aston Martin DB9 De-cat pipes, pair. Officially for motorsport use, these high grade de-cat pipes can be used to remove the catalytic convertors giving increased flow and performance, as well as seriously more growl, not for the faint hearted.

  • Aston Martin DB9 Tuning & Remapping – V-Switch

    Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and ECU remapping at home

    Our Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and ECU remapping V-Switch home tuning system gives you the power to choose your Aston Martin DB9 Tuning, it’s a unique switchable system that allows you, the driver, to choose your DB9 tuning and change it when you like.

    The Aston Martin DB9 Tuning V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based programmer that is truly simple to use and gives you ultimate flexibility in what you want from your Aston Martin DB9 Tuning. Designed to be used by the driver in the comfort of their own home it is capable of reading and writing tuning programmes for many different vehicle types including the Aston Martin DB9. Uniquely, it can also store in its memory three different files dedicated to the same car – one original file and two tuned files.

    Aston Martin DB9 Tuning and ECU remapping from Paramount – a solution for your DB9 tuning wherever you are!

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  • Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic converter, Performance DB9 Cats

    Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic converter (Pair)

    Replacement Aston Martin DB9 catalytic converters – large bore Aston Martin DB9 sports catalytic converters for road and motorsport use,

    Unlike some Paramounts Aston martin Db9 Catalytic Converters are fully road and UK MOT street legal. These 200 cell high grade stainless steel high flow sports DB9 catalytic converters give increased gas flow and performance, (up to 20 more BHP in the mid range midrange) as well as seriously more growl to the exhaust tone of your aston Martin DB9

    Paramount Performance home to all your Aston Martin Db9 tuning and performance parts

  • Aston Martin DB9 Wheel Spacers 22mm

    Aston Martin DB9 wheel Spacers – 22mm- sold in pairs


    These high-quality Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers really help fill the arches, giving a fuller, more beefed up look, and all-round better stance and presents. Our Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers are easy to fit and install, full instructions are included, these Aston Martin DB9  Wheel spacers are the full bolt-on wheel spacers, not just the cheap pack out spacers that can stress the wheel hubs and bolts.


    Paramount Performance – For all your Aston Martin DB9  wheel spacers, Aston Martin DB9 , and Aston Martin DB9  exhaust systems


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