• BMW Car Cover – Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor

    BMW 3 Series Indoor Car Cover

    UK manufactured, fully bespoke BMW 3 Series indoor car cover. Our custom made indoor car covers are each individually hand made to order for each specific customer and their BMW.

    These luxury car covers are the finest you can buy, manufactured from a thick cotton acrylic with a soft protective fleecy inner

    Piping can be added, as can embroidery if required

    The indoor car covers are fully breathable, very soft and are available in a choice of 20 colours for the cover and piping – please specify your choice when ordering.

    The picture shown of the BMW and its cover is just for illustration, each custom car cover is specifically tailored to fit your pride and joy and is unique to your BMW.

    Worldwide mail order available. If you have any questions please let us know, you can mail us [email protected]

  • BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system

    BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system means that from sitting behind the steering wheel you can now experience that aggressive roaring sound that the M6 is capable of. The M6’s V8 bi turbo engine design allows for the exhaust system to be connected by the two exhaust pipes either to a non-catalyst downpipe or to the factory downpipe with iPE’s own cat back system. The team at iPE have really outdone themselves on this one, putting in a huge amount of work to create that perfect product. The uniquely designed x pipe allows for a more efficient flow, preventing a loss of torque as well as improved performance across any rev range. The BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust systems Valvetronic exhaust is all accessible through the factory Drive logic mode buttons, giving you complete control over how the exhaust system works. In both sport and sport+ mode, the exhaust system detects the RPM to automatically open up the engine valves to give you that sportier of experiences, resulting in that roaring V8 creating an incredible sound! Conversely at low RPMs the exhaust system detects this and closes the engine valves, allowing for those more comfortable of drives. You can tell that the BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system has been meticulously worked on by the iPE team through its results which it can boast. As well as being treated to that breath-taking sound of the engine you will also see an increase of 12.9 BHP as well as an additional 25.5 Nm of torque. As well as these improvements, the BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system is extremely light weight compared to the stock exhaust, in fact its 23.55Kg lighter, that’s a 51.7% decease! The BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system really is a must have for any M6 owner who wants to give their car that little extra edge. The BMW F13 M6 iPE Titanium exhaust system includes a front pipe, an X pipe, a Valvetronic muffler, a remote-control module and well as a choice of custom exhaust tips.