BMW M3 Tuning System available now

BMW M3 G80/G81 owner? BMW M4 G82/G83 owner? BMW M2 G87owner? We just unlocked the true performance potential of your BMW M car! You can thank us later! The S58 powered BMW M cars are seriously potent vehicles from factory. The G80 M3 combines well in excess of 500 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque […]

BMW M3 Milltek Exhaust System

BMW M3 Milltek Exhaust System As part of our recent BMW M3 G80 development programme our team researched a multitude of options when it came to sourcing the right exhaust system. To be fitted to the latest in a long line of Halo Vehicles, The BMW M3 Gravity Wave, the system had to be just […]

AMG Mercedes Tuning

  AMG Mercedes Tuning – Do you own a Mercedes 4.0V8 twin turbo? We just unlocked your car’s true performance potential! Thank us later! AMG Mercedes models powered by M177 are seriously potent right out of the factory. With over 500 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, our C63S will propel you towards the horizon […]

VW Golf R Mk8 Tuning Remapping and Upgrades.

VW Golf R Mk8 Tuning Remapping and Upgrades. VW Golf R Mk8 tuning remapping and upgrades. The iconic VW Golf, probably the most tuned and modified car in the UK. And why not, the VW Golf makes an excellent base for any tuning project. With its strong turbo charged engine and DSG and manual gearboxes […]

Jaguar Gearbox Tuning unlocked

Jaguar Gearbox Tuning unlocked Viezu and Paramount Performance are delighted to announce that we are now able to tune 6 speed ZF 6HP26 and 6HP28 Gearboxes. Our Jaguar Gearbox Tuning service is priced at an unbeatable £299.00*. Our highly experienced technical team has perfected the art of fine-tuning the Jaguar 6-speed automatic ZF 6HP26 and […]

BMW Carbon Fibre Range

Despite being pretty striking and aggressively styled vehicles out of the box, Paramount Performance has now introduced a host of upgrades, because we believe there is always room for improvement. What’s more, our high quality carbon parts provide you with the opportunity to customise your car and stand out from other BMW M3 and BMW […]

Exhaust System Upgrades for Mercedes-Benz Tuning

Exhaust System Upgrades for Mercedes-Benz Tuning South Australia emphasises the diverse landscapes, road conditions, and vehicle standards and specifications that are capable and perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of drivers. Its commitment to road safety and performance demands that the vehicles on its roads are equipped to handle the region’s distinct driving challenges. […]

Fixwave Tuning Software

Fixwave Tuning Software   Fixwave Tuning Software. If you are looking for the latest DTC and vehicle software and hardware deletion software. The new Fixwave software may be just the thing for you. Fixwave offers turnkey simplicity for removed unwanted function for vehicles software, such as speed limiter deletion. RPM, swirlflaps, etc. As well as […]

Powergate 4 reasons to buy this versatile tuning tool. 

When it comes to tuning cars, having the right tools is crucial. Powergate is a revolutionary tuning experience designed to help you grow your business and empower your customers. The unique features and user-centric design of this tool make it unmatched in its field. Here are 4 reasons why it’s the right tool for your […]

Range Rover Tuning and ECU Remapping

Range Rover Tuning and ECU Remapping Range Rover Tuning and ECU Remapping – 3 stages to tuning perfection. There are a number of Land Rover cars equipped with supercharged 5.0L V8 engines that are particularly good for tuning, such as the Range Rover, Velar, and the New Defender. In part, this is due to the fact that […]