Wheel Spacers


One of the very easiest ways to gain a little present for your car is to fit a set of wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are delightfully cheap but can make a really dramatic difference in how your car looks and sits on the road. Each car and the owner will have slightly different demands for their wheel spacing, some very subtle, others a little more extreme.


Jaguar wheel spacers fitted to a 2014 Jaguar XKR

Paramount Performance stock a huge range of wheel spacers to fit most cars and models

Paramount offer a completely unrivalled range of wheel spacers from the very best wheel spacer manufacturers in the industry be it a simple 5mm wheel spacer to boost a wheel fitment in an arch, or a 60mm bolt-on wheel spacer to give a wider track and improved handling.

Wheel spacers and spacing rings are not expensive, so don’t scrimp on cheap imports, your safety has to be your number one priority. Paramount only stock the best, TUV approved spacers with EU certification, like H&R wheel spacers, or Eibach wheel spacers, they come in a huge range of sizes to fit your needs and set your wheels off to perfection.

If you are not sure about which wheel spacers you are looking for, how large, wide or your stud pattern, don’t worry, our team of experts are on hand to help, we can talk you through the wheel spacer options for your car, which wheel spacers will be right, the size and fitting too.

Paramount stock a huge range of wheel spacers for many cars, we offer a fitting and consultant service, and we also offer wheel spacers mail order and online, so whatever your wheel spacing needs, drop us a mail and we will do all we can to help info@paramount-performance.com


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