Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Lose Weight with Carbon Fibre Wheels – A Distinguishing Styling Note

Carbon Fibre wheels are designed for enhanced performance, using a significantly more lightweight material – carbon, and it’s also extremely strong. In fact, Carbon Fibre is 5 times stronger than steel, twice as stiff, and up to 40% lighter than their OEM counterparts of the same size! Therefore, it is the perfect material to develop wheels with.

Carbon Fibre has long since been a highly desirable style feature on cars. In fact, it is extremely stylish and adds practicality and elegance to any vehicle.

There are many options for Carbon Fibre parts and accessories; spoilers, bonnet vents, side grilles, front/rear splitters, side skirts… the list continues.

These Carbon Fibre Wheels are superb.

How is Carbon Fibre Made?

Carbon Fibre is woven together using polymers which are exceptionally strong, and undeniably durable. These polymers are spinning together chains of thin and very strong carbon strings. These strings can be as thin as a human hair, and together become stronger than steel. So, in fact a highly suitable material for wheels.

A Different Kind of Weight

A car’s wheels, tyres and brakes are not supported by the suspension on the car, which is known as unsprung weight. This means that when you go over a bump in the road, you will feel the unsprung weight being forced upwards, resulting in vibrations. The larger the unsprung weight (e.g. the heavier the wheels, tyres and brakes are), the worse these vibrations are. On a BMW M3 fitted with our carbon fibre wheels, the unsprung weight is reduced by 23kg! This translates to better handling with a much smoother drive.

On the Road…

On the road, Carbon Fibre Wheels offer superior ride quality, with sharper braking, precision handling, and responsive acceleration. Road noise is significantly reduced and will provide you with a much smoother ride.

Road testing the Carbon Fibre Wheels on our Jaguar F-Type Predator 670 BHP, the grip around corners is outstanding – accurately bedding the car into every corner, giving you the ultimate grip for exit performance.

Jaguar20f20type20carbon20fibre20wheels scaled 1

Another cheeky benefit – fuel saving! You need more energy to move a heavy object than a light object, hence the fuel saving!

Get Some Track Time

These Carbon Fibre Wheels have been refined where performance matters most – the race track. The use of Carbon Fibre to develop wheels found its roots in professional motorbike racing in the 1970s, crossing the divide to 4-wheel racing (F1 and Le Mans) in the early 2000’s.

We took our Jaguar F-Type Predator 670 BHP to Castle Combe to find out what Carbon Fibre wheels can really do.

The results? Staggering! The Carbon Fibre Wheels took seconds of the lap times – which on track, can be the difference between first and last.

As on the road, handling, cornering, the whole driving experience is vastly improved, and again – more time shaved off the lap times. Have this in conjunction with a performance tune for your vehicle, and you will be making time on all your races!

Style It Out

It is state of the art engineering crossed with superior style. Carbon Fibre Wheels are finished in a high gloss finish. The looks are truly magical. To compliment your individual style, these carbon fibre wheels are available in 2 different designs and a choice of colours.


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