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Classic BMW Exhaust and restoration specialists

Paramount has always specialised in modern car tuning and performance exhaust systems. But when you have been looking after and tuning cars as longs as we have, you suddenly realise your back catalogue of parts and services makes you a classic car specialist!

Established in 1984, Paramount have an unrivalled amount of experience when it comes to looking after older cars. Paramount have the patterns and moulds for over 2000 exhaust systems, from Alpina’s to Z1’s.

Classic bmw restoration
classic BMW restoration

BMW Models through time

The list of Classic BMW exhaust systems is pretty much complete. Starting with the BMW 335 exhaust system from 1931, through the wonderful 1950’s and 60’s. BMW’s like the 501, 503, the crazy quirky BMW 600, and the 700. Paramount has classic BMW exhaust systems for them all.

As you move through the 60’s and 70’s BMW started to really develop the “classic BMW look” with great iconic cars like the 1500, 1800, and then CS, the BMW 2800, the CSL. And the awesome BMW 2002, again Paramount can hand build to order and supply stainless steel exhaust systems for the full range of BMW cars through the ’60s 70’s and 80’s.

If you look through the ages, you will notice BMW’s like all cars have got bigger. With bigger engines and of course bigger exhaust systems, this really became apparent in the 80’s when everything got supersized. BMW launched powerful cars like the 655, and the 745 turbo, these BMW exhaust system were quite a lot more complicated and can be very expensive to replace 30 years on. But Paramount offer a full range of exhaust systems, offering great value.

BMW Tuning

As you can expect, as a BMW tuning specialist, Paramount has a huge range of tuning capabilities on newer and modern BMW cars. The full range can be tuned and remapped, and the BMW exhaust range is the same tool. There is a system for every engine and model. Catalytic converters, sports cats and de-cat pipes are also available.

As the exhaust systems are custom made to order, often there is an option of trims and tips, and sound volume too. If you are not sure of your requirements or what the options may be for your car, feel free to drop the service guys an email or use the form below


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