Classic BMW Restoration CSL 3.0 Restoration

As well as offering specialist BMW tuning services, and performance upgrades for modern BMW Cars, Paramount Performance also offer Classic BMW restoration services, maintenance and repair.
So if you have a Lovely Classic BMW, like a BMW E9 CSL, or CSI, that may be could do with a little love, Paramount can help.

Paramount offer all elements of BMW CSL restoration, both body work, and paint, but also full interior repair, and upholstery, carpets and headlining, dashboard refurbishment, as well as mechanical repair and restoration

Classic BMW Engine rebuild

Here is a 3.0 BMW CSL engine rebuild that has just been completed. This CSL 3.0 engine was fully stripped, new pistons and rings fitted, new valve stems fitted, timing chains, and main bearings, shot blasted, primed and painted to give a truly concourse look – and now this BMW CSL engine will run like clockwork for another 40 years.

Classic BMW Restoration CSL Paint and body work

After 40 or more years, most classic BMW’s will need a little body and paint work, the quick answer is to flat the paint work back and give it a fresh top coat, but it is not really the right approach, with classic BMW prices soaring, you really want to approach a paintwork restoration correctly, like a midlife face-lift, do it once and do it right. We would highly recommend a professional and full bear metal repaint. Your classic BMW will look a million dollars, would be buyers will love it and the value will be protected and enhanced. If you would like a quote to have your BMW’s paintwork professionally repaired and finished to show winning standards – please get in touch

Classic BMW Service and Repair

Once your BMW is running and looking great, you will want to keep it that way. Paramount offer routine service and repair, typical service items like brakes, lights, clutch and suspension work can all be undertaken quickly and without the fuss and exaggerated invoice values that sometimes seem to go with classic car motoring

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