Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go!

Classic and Modern Classic Exhaust Systems are Go!

Paramount Performance is excited to announce that we are now offering Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts.

In response to customer feedback, our initial focus will be on BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. Modern Classic and Classic Car ownership has never been more popular. However, most manufacturers have discontinued exhausts for older BMW, Mercedes and Porsche models. Therefore, sourcing a replacement exhaust system can prove difficult.

Classic and Modern Classic Cars: The Story

Children of the ’80s and ’90s are now grown up. With income at their disposable, they are turning their heads to the cars they lusted after in their youth. With interest in Classics and Modern Classics from Germany at fever pitch, the benefits of preserving your investment and maximising driving pleasure with a hand-built exhaust system are obvious.

We are passionate about Modern Classic and Classic cars at Paramount Performance. To be able to offer owners of older BMW, Mercedes and Porsche cars a handcrafted replacement exhaust system is a huge win for our modern classic and classic car customers.

Our Exhaust Systems cover a wide range of BMW, Mercedes and Porsche’s models manufactured from the mid-1970s onwards. For our sports-focused customers, it’s also great to be able to offer exhaust system options for all BMW ‘M’ Car and Mercedes ‘AMG’ variants.

Classic and Modern Classic Exhausts Built to Inspire and Delight!

Based on Motorsport and Fast Road heritage, which dates back to the 1950’s, this exciting range of Classic and Modern Classic exhausts offer an exacting blend of performance and class. Handcrafted and fully tested, Paramount Performance’s exhaust systems are second-to-none. Paramount Performance individually dyno tests and inspects every exhaust for ultimate durability and tuned for optimum sound.

So, look no further than Paramount Performance’s exhaust systems for classic and modern classic vehicles. You are hunting for the ultimate exhaust system for your BMW E46 M3.  Or you wish to further enhance the value of your Mercedes R129 SL with a beautiful exhaust! Paramount Performance has the answer to your frustrating search for the ultimate classic and modern classic exhaust system upgrade.

Better Than New

Transform your Classic or Modern Classic with an exhaust system better than when it left the factory.

Upgrade your existing exhaust system and future-proof your cherished classic or modern classic. To find out more, get in touch +44 (0) 17789 77 44 44, or email us.

Finally, stay tuned for more exciting Classic and Modern Classic exhaust system announcements… there is more to come!


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