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DPF Refits are Here!

Drivers made frequent short journeys, fearing the engine would be damaged by the DPF clogging up. With the threat of overly expensive repairs, drivers wanted to save some money and began removing their DPFs.

Drivers removed the DPF, forming a well-intentioned, easy and cost-effective solution, however, according to the new regulations, it was a big mistake!

Nissan Navara dpf delete pipe

Come back to the Green Side

Refitting your DPF is much better for the environment, and you should stop worrying about the reasons you took it out in the first place. Over the past decade, technology has advanced tenfold. With regular cleaning, DPFs aren’t as prone to clogging as they once were, depending on your vehicle.

New MOT Rules

New regulations introduced in 2014 and the MOT test changes in 2018 mean driving your vehicle on the road without a DPF has big consequences, including a hefty £1,000 fine! Not to mention the cost of refitting and the possibility of being caught for driving without valid insurance!

Many drivers have been caught out, and are now, looking for someone to help get their car through its MOT or yearly inspection. This includes reinstating their DPF, all for a reasonable cost.

To add to the many incentives of refitting your DPF, it will help to maintain the value of your vehicle. It will also be helping to prevent any haggling over the cost of replacement if you do choose to sell your vehicle.

DPF Reinstatement Cost

Refitting a DPF is approximately a 3-hour job, and parts and labour can be costly. Paramount Performance are competitively priced compared to main dealer prices! This can include fitting a new DPF, temperature sensor, and revising your diesel vehicle’s software.

Want to Save Money On The Cost of Fuel Too and Improve the Performance of your Vehicle?

Paramount Performance love to help you improve the performance of your car and help save you money at the fuel pumps and on your vehicle running costs. So, we developed our unique fuel economy and reduction service, which can be completed during your installation.

When you start to think about the cost of fuel, you might be dreaming about how you could make it cost less. Paramount Economy can also enhance the feel, drivability, and overall performance of your vehicle, decreasing your CO2 emissions and increasing fuel efficiency up to 20%, depending on your car, its use, load, and its driver.

Specifically, Paramount Economy can improve torque, power, and throttle response. Additionally, it has been known to decrease your car insurance as some insurance companies offer discounts for those who have installed our economy map.

Book my DPF Reinstatement

We have highly knowledgeable teams here to answer your technical questions and provide you with further information.

Book in to have your DPF reinstated, call us on 01789 774444 or email info@paramount-performance.com.

*Prices can vary depending on the vehicle.


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