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  • Ferrari 360 Exhaust System / Ferrari 360 Mufflers – (no tips)

    Ferrari 360 Exhaust System / Ferrari 360 Exhaust Mufflers – (no tips)

    High grade stainless steel Ferrari 360 exhaust system exhaust and 360 mufflers made to order. Paramount offer an unrivalled range of Ferrari Tuning parts, Ferrari exhaust systems and exhaust mufflers for the complete range of Ferrari cars, including the Ferrari 360 exhaust system.   

    The Ferrari 360 exhaust system sound, look, finish can all be custom tailored for the desired result, all of our Ferrari exhaust systems come with a life time corrosion warranty too 

    Click here for a sound clip pf our ferrari 360 exhaust system 

    Performance and stainless steel Ferrari 360 exhaust systems and Ferrari Mufflers are available for all Ferrari cars and models if you are not sure, or if you don’t see what you are looking for please e-mail us – we are here to help. 

    Paramount the home of the custom performance Ferrari 360 exhaust system, Ferrari 360 exhaust muffles and Ferrari 360 tuning parts   

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  • Ferrari 458 Tuning and Ferrari 458 Remap Home Tuning System


    Ferrari 458 Tuning and Ferrari 458 Home Tuning System

    Paramount Performance already have an amazing range of Ferrari 458 tuning and ecu remapping, but we appreciate depending on where you are you may not be able to get to us or one of our dealers

    And so now we can tune your Ferrari 458 where ever you are! – our switchable driver operated Ferrari 458 tuning system enables you to plug in anywhere in the world and upload a custom and bespoke Ferrari 458 tuning file direct to your car, or change back to stock at any time too .

    The Ferrari 458 tuning is very effective offering up to 28bhp and significant midrange power increases. 

    Throttle response and midrange power is quoite dramatically improved – our Ferrari 458 mail order tuning with worldwide shipping (tax free subject to location) is now a reality, and we can adjust your Ferrari 458 tuning for modifications, like our 200 cells cats, de-cat, or our Ferrari 458 exhaust exhaust system.


  • Ferrari 360 Full Exhaust system, with switchable remote control valves, 200 cell cats and manifolds / headers

    What you really want, the full works for your Ferrari 360, a stunning Ferrari 360 Exhaust System, this IPE Ferrari 360 exhaust, with switchable vales to control the sound, remote control module for the ultimate in “flash”, 200 cell catalysts for high performance and a great sound, and the most stunning Ferrari 360 exhaust headers and manifolds.

    If you drive a Ferrari 360 this is the exhaust set-up you have been long for. Paramount supply the whole range of IPE exhaust systems and parts for the Ferrari 360, shipping can be up to 4 weeks on these items as they are made to order for us.

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  • Ferrari 360 High Performance Exhaust System – De Cat Pipes

    Ferrari  360   performance exhaust De Cat Pipes  

    Manufactured from high grade stainless steel this Ferrari  360   exhaust system De Cat Pipes  looks like a work of art.

    Handmade to the highest standards and quality possible, made from 308 grade stainless steel these racing De Cat Pipes  will give a deep exhaust tone and around 20bhp in mid range power.

    The Ferrari 360 De Cat Pipes     systems are made to order and can normally be dispatched in around 10-14 days, almost all Ferrari models are covered by our extensive range, if you don’t see what you are looking for or have a specific requirement with sound / finish please mail us at [email protected]

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