Jaguar Engine Tuning & Performance Upgrades for Jaguar Cars

Paramount Performance is a name synonymous with the Jaguar Car marque and high-performance engineering tuning. Paramount Performance was probably the first tuning company to specialise in the modern range of Jaguar Vehicles we have a real heritage and history of working with Jaguars, we have now developed into the leading modern Jaguar performance specialist worldwide.


Offering a comprehensive range of quality Performance Jaguar conversions for the range of Jaguar cars including Jaguar XK Tuning, XK8, and XKR tuning, Jaguar X -Type, Jaguar S Type, and XF and XFR Tuning, Jaguar 220 and the Jaguar XJ & Jaguar XJR Tuning, both past and present models are covered by our performance Jaguar parts range. Feel free to choose from a range of Jaguar parts and services below, or combine our range into a combined package and conversion.


Paramount Performance has an unbeatable range of Jaguar performance parts for the Jaguar V8 Engine as fitted to many of the current range of Jaguar cars, these include: Performance Jaguar exhausts systems, upper and lower Jaguar supercharger pulleys, air induction systems, and Jaguar performance charge and intercoolers, in addition, we are the only Jaguar tuning house who can remap and tune the ECU's of almost all  Jaguar vehicles on a whilst you wait basis.

The combination of Paramount's Jaguar V8 performance modifications can boost power by up to 100bhp as well as remove all factory speed limiters on some models.

Subject to location much of our Jaguar performance work can also come with before and after rolling road sessions to demonstrate power gains achieved.

Paramount has developed a stunning and exclusive range of exhausts for the new Jaguar XK and the new Jaguar XKR, the systems both look and sound fantastic.

New Model XK Exhausts

Paramount Performance is proud to have close working relationships with many Jaguar car clubs including the XKEC and the Jaguar Enthusiast club.

If you are interested in any Jaguar tuning or Jaguar styling products please take a look through the models and shop below use our website or call us to discuss your individual requirements, we can also arrange worldwide shipping of all of our Jaguar Performance parts.