Jaguar F-Type 5L V8 Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust

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The V8 Jaguar F-Type sounds pretty meaty from the factory, but the standard exhaust setup does somewhat muffle the sound of that glorious V8. We have various exhaust options (including valved systems) for Jaguar owners, but this latest addition to our line-up is one for the owners who really want to hear everything that V8 has got to give in all it’s thunderous glory.

The Paramount Performance Jaguar F-Type Non Resonated Cat Back does what it says on the tin. It replaces the factory muffler with non resonated pipe at the rear of the car. This results in a much more aggressive non muffled sound, and a true V8 rumble. Made from high quality stainless steel, this system also comes with a lifetime anti-corrosion warranty, so it will likely last as long as the car is in your ownership.

The nature of this item, and the construction materials result in a product which also provides a weight saving compared to the factory exhaust.

Please Note: This item is sold for motorsport and off road use only.

SKU: VIEZ0009873

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