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  • Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning – Home tuning

    Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning – Home tuning and mail order tuning system for the Jaguar 3.0 F Type V6 

    Here at Paramount we have a great range of Jaguar F Type 3.0 Tuning and performance upgrades. And we also understand depending on where you living, you may not be able to get to us or one of our dealers. For your tuning, ecu remapping and upgrades to be installed.

    As such Paramount can also so offer you our Jaguar F Type V6 3.0 Tuning home tuning unit. So now you can tune your F -Type  where ever you are! The Paramount all new driver operated “home” tuning system for Jaguar F Type Tuning enables you to plug in anywhere, any time, and upload a custom and bespoke tuning for your Jaguar F Type tuning and remapping…. see more …

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  • Jaguar F Type 600bhp Package – Jaguar F Type Tuning

    The VIP Design Jaguar F Type 600bhp Conversion Package – Jaguar F Type Tuning


    Paramount is delighted to exclusively offer the ultimate in Jaguar F-Type Tuning, The VIP Design Jaguar F Type 600bhp Conversion Package. Take your Jaguar F-Type tuning to a whole new level.  The VIP Design Jaguar F Type 600bhp tuning package massively boost power, performance, torque and midrange acceleration, if you through the Jaguar F-Type was quick already – strap in and feel the difference of a VIP Tuned Jaguar F-Type.


    The VIP Design Jaguar F Type 600bhp tuning package includes:


    Jaguar F-Type air filters, Jaguar F-Type full exhaust system, with a valve system that connects to the Jaguar F-Type standard exhaust switchable system – sounds amazing! Jaguar F-Type 200 cell racing catalytic convertors, supercharger upgrade, and Jaguar F-Type tuning software and programmer tool – guaranteed to deliver 600bhp (dyno chart available)


    The VIP Design Jaguar F Type 600bhp tuning and conversion packages are available mail order (as priced here) international, mail order and tax-free sales available. We also offer a full fitting service at the Paramount VIP workshop in Warwickshire.


    Jaguar F-Type handling, styling and alloy wheel packages and options are also available – please ask for details


  • Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler Intercooler V8

    Jaguar F Type Charge Cooler, Super cool you Jaguar F-Type Supercharger for super-fast performance




    This very high-quality hand-built Jaguar F Type charge cooler decreases supercharger temperatures, increasing air density in the intake system and combustion chamber, boosting performance and power delivery for your Jaguar F Type tuning.




    The Jaguar F Type charger cooler is available for the V8 2-wheel drive and the AWD, but they are different, so please confirm your model when ordering. These stunning Jaguar F Type Charge Coolers are handmade in the Uk and do take around 2 weeks to manufacture, please be patient – perfection can take a little while to deliver – but will really deliver the power once fitted – mail order and international sales welcome




    See our full range of Jaguar Performance Upgrade Parts

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  • Jaguar F Type 5.0 Tuning – Home tuning

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