Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

Jaguar reconditioned Supercharger – Exchange Jaguar Supercharger replacement

Jaguar Supercharger replacement – The Eaton supercharger used on the Jaguar XKR and XJR range is very reliable, they regularly cover well over 100,000 miles and more without issue, However, failure of the supercharger bearings and couplings can occur from anything over 50,000 miles, sadly we have seen a few fail at this type of mileage.

Jaguar supercharger reconditioned

One of the first signs you may get that lets you know all is not well is a strange noise, if this occurs please do seek urgent advice. If you keep running a supercharger that is starting to fail it can in time cause catastrophic engine damage. One of the first signs of Jaguar Supercharger failure can be a shudder when turning the engine off, often accompanied by a “clonk” noise. A whine can also be apparent when the engine is running under load, or a vibration at idle that could almost be taken for a misfire, often there can be a combination of these symptoms, but typically there is no engine warning light of fault code detected under diagnostics.

One way to quickly check if a new and unwelcome noise is your supercharger is to isolate it by  removing the drive belt from the upper pulley of the Jaguar Supercharger and check for free play side to side, – a sloppy side-to-side motion when turning the charger over by hand often with a clonk at each end of the free play is a sure sign your supercharger has seen better days and is on its way out

If you are unsure or need our help we will carry out this check for you free of charge. We can quickly demonstrate the difference between a failed and a good charger and help you fully understand the difference and what is the best and most cost-effective repair.

Jaguar Supercharger replacement

The price of a new jaguar supercharger can cost around £3000, and the labour is 6-8 hrs if your preference is for a new charger Paramount can arrange this for you with new factory parts.

However, an alternative cheaper option can be to have your supercharger rebuilt or exchanged for a reconditioned unit from Paramount Performance. Paramount can replace worn bearings and nose cone couplings at a much-reduced price over new unit. And the reconditioned Jaguar Supercharger unit comes with a 6 month, or 10,000 miles warranty (whichever is first)

The price shown here is for a reconditioned supercharger unit ready to fit (gaskets etc not included)

If you would like your supercharger rebuilt, serviced and returned ready to fit, or take advantage of our fully fitted service please e-mail us for options and details


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