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  • Land Rover Defender Canvas Roof

    Land Rover Defender Canvas Roof


    Land Rover Defender canvas roof, if you have Defender with a soft top roof that is not looking its best, Paramount can help, offering a full fitting and design service, Paramount offer Land Rover Defender canvas roofs for both the Defender 90 and the 110. For those wanting a little more luxury, Paramount can also offer a soft Land Rover Defender mole skin roof, available in a range of colours


    Roll cages and Defender roof stick sets (pole sets) are also available, as well as roof bars and water channels


    Land Rover Defender canvas roofs are available mail order, or fitted at our workshops


    Worldwide shipping, tax free to mnay destinations also available. Please ask for details.


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  • Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage Exterior

    Full Land Rover Defender 90 Roll Cage


    Land Rover Defender 90 roll cage welded and fabricated 3mm structurally fabricated and chassis mounted. Supplied and fitted.

    Paramount supply and fit only the very best, the Land Rover 90 roll cages are custom fabricated and fully structural, not bolt together, but welded and fabricated onto the eternal of the vehicle. The range of defender 90 roll cages are available in a couple of different formats, with or without rear window diagonal braces and with additional diagonal bars across the roof offering almost over the top ultra-strong roll bar protection for you and your Land Rover Defender

    Whilst typically suppled in power-coated, matt black or gloss back, powder coating can be supplied in almost any colour, so feel free to let your artistic side out and make a statement with colour coordinated land rover defender 90 roll cages from Paramount Performance

    This Defender 90 Roll cage is mounted and fitted onto the vehicle supplied and fitted. If you are looking for a mail-order cage, we can also supply a range of bolt together cages more suitable for shipping. Please ask for details

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  • Land Rover Defender Clutch kit LOF – TDI 200/300tdi Clutch

    Land Rover Defender Clutch kit LOF – TDI 200/300tdi

    The LOF Land Rover Defender clutch kit “road” spec from LOF Clutches is designed specifically for the daily road-going Land Rover Defender clutch use. If you do a bit of towing now and again in your Land Rover Defender or just use your Land Rover Defender clutch in your normal driving the LOF “ROAD” spec Land Rover Defender clutch has everything you need to keep you going for years to come.

    The LOF Land Rover Defender clutch will also be happy to take some tuning too, and the pedal weight feels completely standard

    Paramount offer worldwide shipping of the LOF Land Rover Defender clutches, tax-free to many locations too. Paramount also offer a full workshop service, and fitting of your LOF Land Rover Defender clutch kit – please ask for a fitting quote

    All LOF Land Rover Defender clutches are available, if you don’t see the make and model you are looking for please get in touch, our dedicated Defender team will be happy to offer advice and service

    Description – LOF Land Rover Defender clutch

    • HD-TF Friction Material
    • High Torque Sprung Centre Land Rover Defender clutch hub
    • High-Quality NSK Land Rover Defender clutch release bearing
    • G90 High Temp Assembly Grease
    • CNC wire formed bearing retainer clip
    • High Tensile Bolts
    • 1x OEM Spigot bush
    • 1x OEM Fork bush
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  • Land Rover Defender 90 carpet set Full, front and rear

    Land Rover Defender 90 Full carpet set, front and rear, in black, Set of 8 parts


    Paramount can supply a lovely full Land Rover Defender carpet set for the Defender 90


    The premium full Land Rover Defender 90 carpet set transforms the interior of any age Land Rover Defender 90. Bringing a quality feel to the carpet, including around the seat boxes, the transmission tunnel and gear  levers.  The full Land Rover Defender 90 carpet set also covers the rear load area.


    This Land Rover Defender carpet set takes years off the age of any Defender and transforms the overall feel and asthetics of your defender.


    With full workshop facilities and highly experienced trained technicians, whatever Land Rover Defender services or Land Rover Defender restoraion support you are looking for – you have found the right team.


    Land Rover Defender import and export service available, including worldwide shipping service of parts and complete Land Rover Defenders


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