Mercedes-AMG-GT tuning
  • Mercedes Benz GTS iPE Titanium exhaust system

    The Mercedes Benz GTS iPE Titanium exhaust system coupled with the GTS’s V8 Bi turbo engine will create a large aggressive growl, any Mercedes owner will be more than happy to hear. The team at iPE have really put in a lot of work here to improve the Mercedes-Benz GTS that certain character, creating an absolute masterpiece in the process. You can see the work and the craftsmanship that has done into making this exhaust system with the sound that it can create, from a low growl at low revs to an extremely loud thunderous sound at higher revs. In sport+ and race mode the Mercedes Benz GTS iPE Titanium exhaust system the valves are fully open to give you the best sound and performance. The enlarged pipes give you a unique sound of deep growls to what can only be described as thunder at high revs. As well as this, when in comfort or sport mode the valves are shut allowing for the more comfortable of drives, but we can assure you that you won’t want to be doing this very often! Each part of the Mercedes Benz GTS iPE Titanium exhaust system has been uniquely designed to give you the best possible results. The exhaust system is extremely lightweight, weighing only 11.05Kg! This is 57% less than the original stock exhaust of 26.86Kg, saving you a huge 14.81 KG! As well as being lightweight the exhaust system also gives you increased performance with a gain of 18.9 BHP and 25.5 Nm of torque. A must have for any GTS owner! he Mercedes Benz GTS iPE Titanium exhaust system includes a mid-pipe, a Valvetronic muffler and a remote control module.

  • Mercedes GTS Full cat back exhaust system – IPE

    The IPE Innotech Mercedes GTs exhaust system, all high grade stainless, lighter and producing another 20bhp.


  • Mercedes Gts Tuning and Remapping

    Mercedes Gts Tuning and Remapping–  Mercedes Performance Upgrades 

    Mercedes GTs tuning at Paramount, full custom tuning carried out on the dyno, our bespoke tuning of the Mercedes GTs will deliver another 80bhp and 150Nm of torque, significant gains delivering great new throttle responce and amazing midrange pull and acceleration.

    Our Mercedes GTs tuning is a full on affair, we will need your Gts for a full day to test every element of the tuning, this will include before and after dyno sessions and well as exhaust emission testing. Print outs of all data are of course included with our Mercedes Gts tuning, as well as a step by step talk through the tuning and the results   

    Our tuning can of course include and account for the IPE Innotech Mercedes GTs exhaust system we supply and fit – please ask for details