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  • Mercedes E class Engine Tuning – V-Switch Home Tuning and ECU Remapping E Class

    Mercedes E-Class Engine Tuning – V-Switch Home Tuning and ECU Remapping E-Class    

    Want to take charge of your Mercedes E Class tuning and remapping – now you can with our Mercedes E-Class V-Switch Home Tuning system

    Giving you the power to choose – the s-switch is a switchable tuning system that allows you, the driver, to choose the tuning of your Mercedes E class as often as you like, the V-Switch is a portable, standalone customer based programmer that is very easy to operate and gives you true lexibility in your Mercedes E clss tuning and remapping, what you want from your Mercedes.

    Choose from any of the below:

    • Factory original
    • Maximum economy
    • Power and eco blend
    • Maximum power road
    • Track and Race-day
    • Valet mode (Reduced full power, ideal when you're not behind the wheel!)

    The V-switch Mercedes E Class tuning system is designed to be used by the driver, you can read and write the tuning and chnage it af often as you like without the need to go to a dealer to have your Mercedes E Class tuned, it can also store three different tuning files and settings, – one original file and two modified tuning files, Most Petrol and Diesel Vehicles from 2002 – 2009 can be tuned, however, there are some exceptions, please mail us to find out more if in doubt.

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  • Mercedes Gts Tuning and Remapping

    Mercedes Gts Tuning and Remapping–  Mercedes Performance Upgrades 

    Mercedes GTs tuning at Paramount, full custom tuning carried out on the dyno, our bespoke tuning of the Mercedes GTs will deliver another 80bhp and 150Nm of torque, significant gains delivering great new throttle responce and amazing midrange pull and acceleration.

    Our Mercedes GTs tuning is a full on affair, we will need your Gts for a full day to test every element of the tuning, this will include before and after dyno sessions and well as exhaust emission testing. Print outs of all data are of course included with our Mercedes Gts tuning, as well as a step by step talk through the tuning and the results   

    Our tuning can of course include and account for the IPE Innotech Mercedes GTs exhaust system we supply and fit – please ask for details

  • Mercedes SL 55 AMG Tuning and Mercedes SL 55 Tuning and ECU Remapping

    Mercedes SL 55 AMG Tuning and Mercedes SL 55 Tuning and ECU Remapping  

    Mercedes SL 55 AMG    Tuning and Mercedes SL 55 AMG   Remapping from Paramount Performance, UK wide tuning and remapping service  

    The Paramount Mercedes SL 55 AMG   tuning and performance tuning is bespoke and custom, each Paramount Mercedes SL 55 AMG  remap is written live to your SL, our  Mercedes SL 55 AMG  tuning will be adjusted for any modifications, like our Mercedes SL 55 AMG  exhaust system, and and other modifications, i.e sports catalytic convertors as well as your driving requirements and fuel grade.

    Paramount use the latest tuning and remapping tools and software, the dedicated Paramount technical team have years of experience working with prestige and performance cars.

    Mercedes SL 55 AMG   tuning and Mercedes SL 55 AMG  ECU remapping gives a power increase with significantly better throttle response, full custom chip tuning and live rolling road testing and tuning for your Mercedes SL 55 AMG  is available to at any many locations – please ask for details.

    Paramount Performance the home for all your Mercedes SL 55 AMG  and Mercedes SL 55 AMG  and performance parts  



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  • Mercedes E Class Tuning and ECU Remapping

    Mercedes E Class Tuning and ECU Remapping

    Custom and bespoke Mercedes E Class tuning and remapping from Paramount Performance. Paramount’s Mercedes remapping is not off the shelf. Meaning the tuning and remapping software can be custom set up. Dialed in and tailored to you and your specific requirements.

    For diesel Mercedes tuning, this can include power, performance, torque and fuel economy. While Paramount’s petrol Mercedes tuning tend to be more focussed on Power, throttle response, torque and BHP.