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  • Home Tuning and ECU Remapping Made Simple

    Home Tuning and ECU Remapping


    Paramount can supply a simply huge range of car tuning and ECU remapping solutions, we can tune almost all cars, vans trucks and tractors – If you drive we can probably tune it.

    As well as our in house remapping and tuning through our workshops and car tuning dealers, we can also offer you our amazing home tuning solution, simply plugin and we can write a custom tune for your car where ever you are in the world – Yes really!

    We can send you a tuning tool that you simply plug into your car, connect to a phone or computer and we can tune your car live over the internet

    The tuning can be tailored to your needs, modifications and car

    And you can use it again on your next car, as long as your new car is covered and your first tuned car is returned to stock you can reuse your tuning system again for a small fee.

    30 day Trail: If you are not delighted with your tuning system and the results simply tune your car back to standard and return your tuning system within 30 days for a refund – drive, test enjoy with peace of mind!

    To purchase simply call our sales office, e-mail us, or purchase online and confirm the age, make, model and engine of your vehicle

    There are two versions of our home tuning system available, if you drive a supercar on the list please be sure to order a “Supercar” version otherwise you may not be able to complete your tuning. Gasoline engines fitted to Audi R8, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes SLS will require the supercar version listed in addition on the site

  • Mercedes E Class Tuning and ECU Remapping

    Mercedes E Class Tuning and ECU Remapping

    Custom and bespoke Mercedes E Class tuning and remapping from Paramount Performance. Paramount’s Mercedes remapping is not off the shelf. Meaning the tuning and remapping software can be custom set up. Dialed in and tailored to you and your specific requirements.

    For diesel Mercedes tuning, this can include power, performance, torque and fuel economy. While Paramount’s petrol Mercedes tuning tend to be more focussed on Power, throttle response, torque and BHP.

  • Mercedes Cover – Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor cover

    The ultimate treat for your Mercedes, keep your car snug and warm this winter with one of our Mercedes custom car covers, choose your colour, and piping to match your Mercedes.

    UK manufactured, fully bespoke indoor Mercedes car cover. Our custom made Mercedes indoor car covers are each individually hand made to order for each specific customer and their Mercedes. The Paramount car covers are luxury fleece lined to protect your paint and bodywork. And in addition, the covers are super stretchy and fitted, so they fit very snugly. And the pipping can really set the overall look off, giving form and shape to your Mercedes underneath.

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  • Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnet

    Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnet

    Stunning high gloss Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnet, Beautiful hand made in lovey real carbon fibre weave, mirrored each side, so the carbon fibre weave meets in the centre of the bonnet, this really gives a very eye catching look.

    Lighter than the standard steel bonnet, and super strong.  If you want to stand apart and really make your Mercedes G wagon a little more personal and stylish, this Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnet is just the ticket, worldwide mail order, or UK fitting available

    These Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnets are bespoke and hand made to order,  so production may take up to 6 weeks, (though normally available sooner) please ask for details if you are in a rush for your Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre Bonnet       

    Whyn not add our Mercedes G Wagon carbon Fibre wheel arch kit to your order to complete the set

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