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With a long history in supplying ECU remapping and tuning services to premium vehicles, it is no surprise that Paramount Performance has extensive experience in Mercedes tuning and as specialists the supply of Mercedes performance parts and upgrades.

Paramount Performance offers Mercedes Tuning and performance parts to a number of different Mercedes vehicles. Our experts are adept at providing advice on how to get the best from your Mercedes tuning and can advise on various performance upgrade options and performance parts to really enhance the power and torque of your Mercedes engine. Paramount Performance has many years of experience in tuning Mercedes vehicles, and uses a 3000bhp rolling road to customise, test and perfect the Mercedes tuning it provides. Before and after dyno graphs enable customers to see the performance gains as a result of their Mercedes remapping.

Performance parts complement the Mercedes remapping provided by Paramount Performance. The range is extensive and consists of parts for the Mercedes A45 AMG, Mercedes C63, Mercedes E Class, Mercedes ML, Mercedes S Class and Mercedes SL SLS.

Tuning and upgraded parts available include high performance air filters, which increase airflow into the engine and really enhance the software remap, and coupled with stainless steel exhaust systems and 200-cell sports catalytic converters, the upgrades are really brought to life. Paramount Performance can also supply a range of home tuning options for Mercedes vehicles for customers who prefer to order online and install their Mercedes remap themselves using a plug and play device.

Paramount Performance can also supply custom-tailored indoor car covers to protect your pride and joy. Made from thick cotton-acrylic with a soft, fleecy lining, these covers are fully breathable, very soft and available in a choice of twenty colours.

If there are any performance parts and styling options you are interested in, but don’t see listed, please contact us now. Paramount Performance is used to taking on bespoke work for our customers and enjoys working with customers to provide products and experiences that exceed their requirements.


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