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  • Jaguar F-Type 650bhp Project Predator Tuning Package

    VIP Design Jaguar F-Type 650bhp Project Predator Tuning Package


    The Jaguar F Type has always been tuned, the sleek lines and V8 engine really appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle at stock with their F-Type


    The rumours of a true Jaguar F-Type supercar killer have been circulating, but no longer a concept or idea, the VIP Jaguar F-Type Project Predator is now available. Delivering a blisteringly quick 650bhp of pure driving passion. Dyno tested and proven the Jaguar F-Type 650 upgrade package is now here.


    This Jaguar F Type tuning package includes, engine tuning and software upgrades, supercharger upgrades, supercharger cooling, This specific package is the mail order kit (fitting is not included) Fitting is available in the UK at the Paramount workshops


    Othere upgrades that can be added to this package are also available :


    Paramount can also supply and fit performance exhaust systems, 200 cell Jaguar F Type catalytic converters, or F Type De-cat pipes and de-cat software, water-meths injection, suspension upgrades, lowering, carbon fiber panels and spoilers, and other carbon fibre upgrades and styling

  • Ferrari F430 Catalytic Converters

    Ferrari F430 Catalytic Converters – Ferrari F430 Performance Catalytic Converters

    Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel these Ferrari F430 catalytic Converters look like a work of art.

    Handmade to the highest standards and quality possible, made from 308-grade stainless steel and 200 cell inner converters, these racing cats will give a deep exhaust tone and around 18bhp in mid-range power.

    The Ferrari F430 Catalytic Converters  systems are made to order and can normally be dispatched in around 10-14 days, almost all Ferrari models are covered by our extensive range, if you don’t see what you are looking for or have a specific requirement with sound/finish please mail us at

    Sports Catalytic Converters, de-cat and sports cats  – Paramount Performance list a large range of catalytic converters. Some are TUV / EC approved. However, others such as the IPE and Armytrix systems are manufactured outside of Europe and so may not be EC approved. For this reason, all sports catalytic converters and “De-cat pipes” for sale on the Paramount site are sold for motorsport and off-road use in the UK and EU, and not for road use. Our expert team is on hand if you need any help choosing the right catalytic converters for your use.

    *For off-road & Motorsport use only

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  • Aston Martin Vantage Catalytic Converter High Performance Cats

    Aston Martin Vantage Catalytic converters (Pair) Stainless Steel  Sports Catalysts for the AMV8


    Replacement large bore Aston Martin Vantage vanatge catalytic converters. These 200 cell high grade Aston Martin Vantage catalytic converters are Performance high flow, these sports catalytic converters give increased gas flow and performance, (up to 20 more BHP across the midrange) as well as seriously more growl to the exhaust tone.


    *For off-road & Motorsport use only

    Paramounts Aston Marin Vantage cats work in perfect harmony with Paramount’s Aston Martin performance exhaust systems, you can see further details here:


    Or e-mail us for a package price at


  • Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic converter, Performance DB9 Cats

    Aston Martin DB9 Catalytic converter (Pair)


    Replacement Aston Martin DB9 catalytic converters – large bore Aston Martin DB9 sports catalytic converters


    These 200 cell high grade stainless steel high flow sports DB9 catalytic converters give increased gas flow and performance, (up to 20 more BHP in the mid range midrange) as well as seriously more growl to the exhaust tone of your aston Martin DB9


    Paramount Performance home to all your Aston Martin Db9 tuning and performance parts

    *For off-road & Motorsport use only