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Why should you care about the latest exhaust tech? Because it makes your engine sound better. By adding a bit more power and combining your exhaust upgrade with Paramount engine remap, you’ll really improve your vehicle.

Paramount can add a custom engine remap from VIEZU Technologies, install your new exhaust, and test your car before and after so you can feel the difference.

The team at Paramount specializes in aftermarket performance upgrades. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

With performance enhancements that are tested and proven, whether you’re doing motorsports, daily driving, or grand touring, we can make it even better.

Exhaust, Performance Exhaust Systems

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Performance Exhausts | What Are The Benefits?

A performance exhaust system is one of the easiest things you can do to boost your car’s performance. By removing restrictions, aftermarket exhausts reduce back pressure and let exhaust gasses escape easier. This makes it easier for air and fuel to get into the engine. Often, tuning your engine starts with replacing your OEM exhaust with something less restrictive. Besides adding horsepower, new exhausts save a lot of weight, which makes your car run better.

Whether you’re looking for a new full exhaust system, a replacement back box, new exhaust tips, or even a less restrictive exhaust manifold, we’ve got you covered. There’s something for every car and every driver with our huge range of exhaust parts and exhaust systems from Armytrix, Milltek, iPE, Quicksilver, and a range of exhausts available exclusively at Paramount Performance.

We’ve got cat-back systems and sports catalysts, or if you’re headed to the track, some cat replacement pipes and complete systems without catalytic converters.

Exhaust, Performance Exhaust Systems


Basically, valvetronic exhaust systems are exhaust systems that are controlled by valves. Exhaust systems with valvetronic technology are available from the best performance exhaust manufacturers. Usually, they can be controlled with a remote control or an OBD gesture controller, and they can be switched between three modes: on, off, and automatic. With the valves in the on mode, they are fully open, allowing you to enjoy more power and sound since maximum airflow is enabled when the valves are in the on mode. If you push the off button, all valves close completely, which greatly reduces the volume of the sound, making the drive a lot quieter and more enjoyable.

Paramount Performance offer a unique performance exhaust for the Jaguar F-Type, using this valvetronic technology but unlike other aftermarket performance exhausts ours can be fully integrated with the existing in-car valve control switches. Giving you the same premium feel that you’d expect from the OEM exhaust, but with all the performance and sound improvements you want from a specialist performance exhaust.


Cat-back System: Perfect if you crave improved sound from your exhaust. This system replaces the OEM exhaust system after the factory Cats. This would typically include the mid-section and the rear silencer or muffler. These are designed to be simple to fit and use the original mounting points on the vehicle.

200 Cell Sports Cats: 200 Cell Sports Cats are designed to enhance gas-flow and heat management, in turn creating more efficiency and performance. A notable increase in midrange power can be achieved, as well as a richer exhaust tone with more profound noise. For the most benefit, 200 Cell Sports Cats should be installed in conjunction with a Cat-Back System.


The idea is that you can switch between resonance and non-resonance at the touch of a button, depending on your driving needs.

RESONATED | Resonators are box chambers that are incorporated into the exhaust system. They make the exhaust quieter.

NON-RESONATED | Non-resonated exhausts are louder than resonated ones since the resonator reduces noise