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  • Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharger Pulley

    Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharger Pulley – Range Rover Sport Upgraded Supercharger Pulley

    This Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharger Pulley Dramatically improves throttle response and midrange power by up to 28bhp. Will bring your Range Rover to life.

    Paramount was the first to adopt and develop the new style of Range Rover modified upper supercharger pulleys, unlike the lower expensive and cumbersome lower supercharger pulleys, the upper smaller pulley does not require an alternative pulley belt meaning the Paramount supercharger pulley is low maintenance and less obviously changed from stock

    Not all Range Rover performance supercharger pulleys are equal, the Paramount Range Rover supercharger pulley is high-grade stainless steel, some cheap copies are manufactured from Ally and are not of the same quality – buy with confidence from Paramount.

    See here for our full range of Range Rover tuning and remapping performance parts

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  • Range Rover 5.0 Supercharged V8 Crank Pulley

    Range Rover Supercharger pulley crank – Larger  pulley kit 5.0 Engine

    Range Rover Supercharger pulley from Paramount, this Range Rover 5.0 engine supercharger upgraded crank pulley is unique and exclusive to Paramount Performance. The Range Rover Supercharger pulley for the crank is suitable for the Range Rover 5.0 engine used in the Sport, Vouge and SVR versions. The larger crank pulley will boost the Range Rover performance by up to 65bhp.

    Please note the Range Rover 5.0 lower crank pulley should not be fitted on its own. Due to the additional airflow created the vehicles ECU must be remapped (with our software) to match fuelling and ensure maximum performance and reliability. When combined, these items will deliver guaranteed thrills.

  • Range Rover Sport Tuning 2013 -2016, New Range Rover Sport Remap

    2013/ 2014 Range Rover Sport Tuning and New Range Rover Sport Remap Tuning


    Tuning of the Brand new model Range Rover Sport . Paramount Range Rover Sport Tuning and Range Rover Sport Remapping can be carried out by Paramount Performance at many locations across the UK and around the world.  We also offer Range Rover mobile ECU remapping installation for both diesel and gasoline Range Rovers including the SVR versions.

    Our Range Rover Sport tuning and Range Rover Sport remapping is completely custom, with each Range Rover Sport remap being written live to your vehicle, the Range Rover tuning can take account of your Range Rover Sport modifications, i.e. Paramount Range Rover performance exhaust systems, sports catalytic convertors, or our amazing Range Rover Supercharger pulley, as well as your driving requirements and fuel grade.

    Paramount operate the very latest range of car tuning and remap software and our dedicated team of car tuning engineers have years of experience working in the prestige and Range Rover tuning arena.

    50-55bhp on the Range Rover Sport 5.0 Tuning


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