Remap My Car?

Remap My Car?

Why Should I Remap My Car? It is an excellent way to enhance your driving experience as well as to save money in the long run when you optimize your car’s efficiency and performance.

Burke Wilson, rep of Great Rides, said, “Tuning an automobile for optimum performance might seem overwhelming and expensive to many consumers, but it can be done in as little as 30 minutes by remapping.”

Considering remapping your car? Need some help?

Feel free to reach out to us if you need assistance. To help you decide, we’ll explain what remapping your car means and what happens if you do.

Remap My Car?, Remap My Car?

Remap My Car?

What Is Remapping?

The process of remapping (also called ECU tuning) enhances several aspects of your car’s performance by changing the parameters of its ECU (engine control unit). By overwriting the existing settings with custom programming within legal limits, your friendly car tuning technician can help your vehicle handle airflow, fuel injection, sensors, and more.

Should You Remap Your Car?

Why not? Here’s what you’ll get when you have an ECU Remap loaded to your car.

1. Remapping Takes Around An Hour

One hour is all it takes to remap your car. The remap procedure for some older cars may require chip tuning. However, the entire process should take less than an hour

2. Remapping Eliminates Flat Spots To Boost Power

Power delivery is improved by removing flat spots during remapping. The result is a better drive and a smoother driving experience since you are not faced with flat spots

3. Remapping Increases Your Vehicle’s Torque

The torque of the engine is a measure of its ability to accelerate. More torque equals faster acceleration. You can expect your car’s torque to increase by 20-30% after a remap, and by about 5% in normally aspirated cars. Increased torque results in faster speeds and shorter in-gear durations, both of which are crucial for a safe and easy overtake.

Remap My Car?, Remap My Car?

Remap my car

4. Remapping Improves Fuel Efficiency

When driving normally, you won’t have to use as much throttle because more torque will be generated at all the revolutions per minute (rpm). In turn, our remapping service has resulted in considerable fuel savings for our fleet clients as a result of higher fuel efficiency

5. Remapping Rekindle Your Passion For Your Car

A slow car is one of the most frustrating things to drive. Besides being annoying, a slow car can be dangerous as well. Remapping your engine can result in an increase of up to 30 percent in torque and power, which you will feel immediately when you press the accelerator.

6. Remapping Is Cost-Effective

Performance gains due to remapping are much greater than those resulting from separate exhaust, turbo, and air intake enhancements. This is true even when we upgrade individual components. For more than £2000, you’d be lucky to get an additional 35 horsepower from a 2015 Golf GTI. A remap gives you a baseline 50bhp and 50lb/ft performance boost for over 60% less. This increase is completed using your vehicle’s original component

Remap Or Not To Remap?

It is not really recommended that you remap your own car if you are not a professional tuner. Not unless you are going to use the Paramount Home tuning system, where the new software is supplied ready to use. Using a professional ECU remapping provider will certainly minimise the chances of anything going wrong. And good providers will have insurance and money back trial periods – giving you extra peace of mind.

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