• Power: 504 BHP
  • Torque: 643 NM

Select the full KRAKEN and our team can take your Mercedes AMG A45 from 421bhp & 500Nm stock to 504bhp and 643Nm of torque! That’s a boost of 83bhp and over 143Nm!

Paramount Performance and Viezu have developed a monstrous high-performance tuning package for the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, including a bespoke performance remap and the highest quality performance parts! VIEZU has developed the KRAKEN in-house using our team of expert file writers and vehicle technicians and tested on our 3000hp Mustang Dyno at our HQ.


As the owner of a Mercedes A45, we know that you’re someone who loves quality, style, and thrills, and with a whole range of high-performance hot hatches on the road, you want to stand out from the crowd. How can you achieve this?

The answer is simple, by making yours the fastest and most powerful A45 AMG on the road!

Leave those in the standard A45 in your dust on track days, and leave all others staring in disbelief as your ultra-hot hatch gaps everything else on the road. This upgrade package takes your A45 AMG from 421bhp & 500Nm stock to 504bhp and 643Nm of torque! That’s a massive boost of 83bhp and over 143Nm!

Tuning Package

This monstrous high-performance tuning package for the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, including a bespoke performance remap and the highest quality performance upgrade parts!

With the highest quality performance exhaust system to add power, and give your A45 a monstrous roar that could truly awaken the creatures of the deep, and a cold air induction kit to keep your car running at full power for longer, this upgrade package has the power upgrades its name deserves.

That’s not all, we have worked to tame this legendary beast for you, so the highest quality aftermarket suspension upgrades will be added to your A45, along with the biggest upgrade, that brings all this power together and puts it under your right foot!


The bespoke KRAKEN Remap! The Paramount Performance and VIEZU teams have worked tirelessly to research and develop the perfect remap that will extract the maximum possible performance from your A45, and deliver it to the road with all the force of a mighty sea monster, giving you the power to unleash the Kraken!

The KRAKEN is the latest in a succession of industry-leading and frankly, monstrous performance tunes unleashed onto the world by the VIEZU Performance Development Team.  With years of technical research, the KRAKEN now takes its place alongside our world-famous upgrade packages.

Kraken images 11

Stand out from the crowd

To stand out from the crowd and make your mark, unleash the KRAKEN in your AMG A45.

The Kraken was a legendary sea monster that had tentacles which resembled a giant squids, and throughout history, many legends and lore have been associated with this ferocious beast. It was said that the huge suckers on the Kraken’s tentacles were incredibly strong, and its roar was a sound that you would remember for the rest of your life!

Our KRAKEN is just as ferocious as the beast of legend, with its upgraded suspension it has an equally legendary grip on the road, and thanks to its upgraded exhaust system this tune will give your A45 a truly unforgettable roar!

The KRAKEN package delivers 504 bhp & 643 Nm to the Mercedes A45 AMG

Kraken graph 1

You can rely on VIEZU’s long-standing reputation when it comes to engine software upgrades. The Mercedes A45 tuning process is also referred to as chip tuning, remapping and tuning.

The KRAKEN we ran on the dyno made astonishing power. The dyno chart for KRAKEN is show above. VIEZU are Mercedes tuning specialists and are highly experienced with these cars.

Kraken with tentacles

About our Halo vehicle collection

Our world renowned Halo packages are the result of decades worth of automotive experience and a partnership between VIEZU Technologies and Paramount Performance. VIEZU provide the software expertise required to safely extract additional power and torque from the vehicles’ ECU. Paramount Performance provide the physical upgrade components and the mechanical expertise. The amalgamation of these highly experienced teams results in reliable, impressive and emotive vehicles which truly stand out from the crowd. Our Halo packages are available for multiple high performance vehicles, and go beyond BMW M3 tuning. We currently provide packages for Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and many Jaguar models.

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