• 675 HP

Presenting the Range Rover SVR Typhon 675, the fastest Range Rover upgrade to date.

The Range Rover runs at an impressive 675 horsepower from a 550 horsepower base engine.

Get a piece of the Typhon for yourself with Paramount Performance at our HQ in Warwickshire, or via worldwide mail order – shipped straight to you, or a garage of your choosing!

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Range Rover Tuning

You’re about to meet the fastest Range Rover in the world.  With an incredible 675 horsepower and enhanced styling, the Range Rover Typhon commands attention everywhere it goes. The Range Rover Typhon Package is now available for your own Range Rover from Paramount Performance at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire.

Range Rover Performance Parts

We offer a superb selection of Range Rover performance parts, tuning options and upgrades for your Range Rover.


Take your Range Rover to the next level and get more power, more performance, and more torque with a variety of mechanical and software upgrades.

Range Rover Typhon Exhaust Upgrade

From a low rev rumble, all the way up to a high pitch howl, we’ve got you covered. The acoustic tones are bound to turn any vehicle into the centre of attention – high-performance vehicles will want this sophisticated system to match the new performance.

Custom Engine Software For Range Rover

Depending on the particular derivative, Range Rover Typhon tuning package can deliver up to 675 BHP.

You can rely on Paramount Performance and VIEZU’s long-standing reputation when it comes to mechanical and engine software upgrades. The Range Rover tuning process is also referred to as chip tuning and remapping.

The Range Rover Typhon we ran on the dyno made absolutely incredible power. This is the dyno chart for the Range Rover Typhon upgrade package. Paramount Performance and VIEZU are Range Rover tuning specialists and have decades of experience with these cars.

The lower red and green lines are the before figures, and the higher are after. As you can see, below graph Min, Max, and Average (Avg) figures. The Max and Avg figures show the gains between test 1 (the original software run) and test 2 (the upgraded vehicle run) – an impressive gain all round!

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A custom VIEZU software complements the Range Rover’s hardware changes and enhances its drivability and power. The full Typhon Upgrade includes:

Worldwide mail order, tax free sales, full UK supply and fit service. As well as home tuning systems available by post.

Range rover typhon on dyno

Dyno Tested and Proven

Paramount Performance modifications are thoroughly tested using VIEZU’s 3000 BHP four wheel drive rolling road. As a result, modifications and engine tuning can be fine-tuned as needed. Dyno testing and fine-tuning provide the best performance and power for your Range Rover.

Full UK supply and fit service

All upgrades can be fitted at Paramount Performance’s state-of-the-art workshop in Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire, UK.

Typhon Upgrade is also available by mail-order

Alternatively, you can order your bespoke tuning and styling package for your Range Rover, and we will deliver direct to your door (or garage of your choosing). We provide full installation instructions to your professional installation agent, and a personal tuning device to allow you to install the custom engine tune directly to your Range Rover.

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