Supercharger Pulley

Is it time to crank things up a little – then it’s time for a modified supercharger pulley! 

Modified Supercharger pulleys and uprated supercharger pulleys are an easy way to bring your tuning to a whole new level, if you own a supercharged car, tuning and remapping will be pretty effective, but there is a huge amount of new and additional power readily available simply by fitting an uprated engine pulley.
A modified pulley can either be simply bolted on, or heat shrink fitted, there is no need to remove your supercharger or get into heavy modification, simply remove your stock supercharger pulley, and fit a new modified one supercharger pulley for instant addition power, the new power is most noticeable through the early to mid-range power band, throttle response will be drastically improved, and the pull just keeps coming.
There are two main different types of modified pulleys and up-rated supercharger pulleys, either a larger engine crank, or a smaller upper one, the effect is much the same, like the gears of a push-bike, the aim is to spin the supercharger slightly faster than stock, compressing the air/fuel mixture higher and getting a bigger bang for your buck, its really simple, and very effective.

A lower and larger uprated supercharger crank pulley

Will a modified and uprated supercharger pulley stress my charger or engine? No- don’t worry, all you are doing by fitting an upgraded supercharger pulley is making it do the same work, just a little sooner, so the charger is perfectly designed to run as fast as it does with a modified one, it just does it a little lower down the rev range.
Paramount have supplied and fitted thousands of modified supercharger pulleys, we offer in-house fitting and mail order delivery worldwide too. We supply uprated supercharger pulleys for Jaguar, Land Rover, Ranger rovers, Mini, Audi, and Mercedes compressor pulleys and many, many more too.  Whatever your supercharged engine, just drop us a note to see how we can boost our power with a supercharger pulley and remap combination. Mail us now at

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