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  • Toyota Hi-Lux Tuning Module – Plug and play instant Toyota Hi-Lux Tuning


    Toyota Hi-Lux Tuning Module – Plug and play instant Toyota Hi-Lux Tuning   

    If you are looking to tune your Toyota Hi-Lux Diesel, how about our instant tuning solution for your Toyota Hi-Lux Tuning and Mercedes ML .   Now your Mercedes ML  tuning can be supplied by Paramount Performance in a simple to fit g plug and play tuning unit 

    We can tune your Toyota Hi-Lux  where ever you are in the world through the post! – our brand new driver installed Toyota Hi-Lux  tuning  system enables you to plug in and tune your Toyota Hi-Lux straight away – no fuss. – no fuss.  s And at service time you simply unplug it and leave it at home – leaving no trace of the tuning being carried out if that is important to you.

    Our Toyota Hi-Lux  tuning   is very effective offering up to 40bhp and huge pulling power, and it still improves fuel economy too! throttle response and midrange power is dramatically improved – its not subtle and is very suitable for the home tuning and installation of your Toyota Hi-Lux  tuning – full instructions are included. 

    Paramount operate the very latest range of car tuning and remap software and our dedicated team of car tuning engineers have years of experience working in the prestige and performance car tuning arena.

    Paramount Performance the home for all your Toyota Hi-Lux tuning and performance parts