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Paramount Performance VW Performance and Tuning Specialists

Paramount Performance has been carrying out car engine tuning conversions and styling enhancements on performance cars since 1986. Paramount are established Volkswagen tuning and performance parts specialists, as well as tuning, remapping and Engine tuning to increase power, Paramount also offer a range of performance upgrades and exhaust systems for the VAG Group of vehicles

Paramount's workshops are equipped with the best 4X4 2400bhp rolling road and state of the art car ECU remapping and chip tuning software. VW tuning and remapping carried out includes both petrol and diesel tuning for both power and economy.


Tuning is available for the full range of VW vehicles. Paramount Performance has developed a range of performance ECU remapping services, including ECU Tuning, ECU programming, Engine tuning, chip tuning and ECU remapping / car engine remapping for VW, Volkswagen vehicles and the rest of the Vag group, Audi, Skoda and Seat vehicles.

We are able offer performance ECU engine tuning upgrades for all VAG vehicles, with multiple performance tuning approaches, including OBD tuning, BDM remaps, tuning boxes, and ECU chip tuning (engine chipping)

VW tuning and remapping carried out includes both petrol and diesel tuning and comes with full before and after dynamometer testing.

“Ask about our money back ECU remapping guarantee!”

VW Exhaust Systems

With over 20 years’ experience, Paramount Performance are renowned specialists in high performance exhaust systems. For the VW range of vehicles there should be no compromise, we always recommend Milltek performance exhausts for VW, they are simply the best, with superior quality, sound, fit and warranty

We can supply the full range of Milltek exhaust systems and will be happy to help with any enquiry please mail us at


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