VW Golf R Mk8 Tuning Remapping and Upgrades.

VW Golf R Mk8 Tuning Remapping and Upgrades.

VW Golf R Mk8 tuning remapping and upgrades. The iconic VW Golf, probably the most tuned and modified car in the UK. And why not, the VW Golf makes an excellent base for any tuning project. With its strong turbo charged engine and DSG and manual gearboxes options. There is much fun to be had!

MK8 Golf R Remap 1
VW Golf R Mk8 Tuning, Remapping and upgrades.


Stage 1 VW Golf R Tuning

The engines in these cars benefit massively from our VW Golf R tuning, it’s not uncommon to see circa 380bhp on a completely standard engine with a stage 1 tune and remap.

Paramount’s VW Golf R Tuning has been designed and developed to work on an original factory car. As such, no additional hardware or modifications are necessary. Over 15 years of development and hundreds of dyno tuning hours have led to the most reliable, tested and proven VW Golf tuning and ECU remapping software.

The Golf R MK8 leaves the factory with 320hp and 420NM and it is a sporty hot hatch with those numbers. However, with the Paramount Performance Stage 1 tuning and ECU remapping this is increased to an impressive 400hp and 488NM

MK8 VW Golf R Intercooler image 2
VW Golf R Mk8 Stage 2 Tuning intercooler


VW Golf R Mk8 Stage 2 Tuning

To take the power and torque of the MK8 Golf R further, improved cooling and breathing upgrades can be installed. For Paramount this includes a Golf R carbon fibre air intake system and an uprated larger performance front mount VW Golf R intercooler.

These two breathing mods help to keep the intake air temperatures as low as possible to create cool cold feed of air to the engine allowing it to perform at its optimum taking the car up to 417hp and 515NM.

Transmission upgrades are available for the VW GOLF R MK8 with TCU remapping delivering faster shifting speeds, raised and adjusted torque management to improve power delivery and increased clutch clamping pressure to make use of all of that additional torque.

Paramount suggest a clutch upgrade for manual cars  – please ask for details if necessary

To take the MK8 GOLF R to the ultimate level of performance, Stage 2 upgrades including motorsport high flow cats and cat-back exhaust system and supporting ECU remap will further increase the power and torque output up to 428hp and 550NM

MK8 VW Golf R carbon fibre rear diffuser 4


VW Golf R Suspension Lowering

Paramount can also supply and fit a progressive lowered Sports suspension lowering spring kit. This is the perfect upgrade for owners that want to improve the road holding and handling of their Golf R.

Sports lowering springs provide the perfect compromise; dropping the vehicle’s centre of gravity provides a substantial improvement in handling and stylish looks, while not sacrificing ride-quality. The Paramount supplied 20mm lowering kit is the perfect answer.

MK8 VW Golf R carbon fibre front splitter lip 2

VW Golf R Mk8 Carbon Fibre Parts

Paramount Performance have also designed and developed a stunning range of Carbon fibre upgrades for the Golf R.  Designed in-house from the highest quality carbon, including dry carbon fibre production. This Paramount Performance VW Golf R carbon fibre kit takes your Golf R to the next level. All parts supplied in stunning gloss carbon fibre lacquer.

Kit Includes:

– Rear diffuser – dry carbon fibre

– Side sill extensions – carbon fibre

– Lower front bumper splitter / apron – carbon Fibre

– Wing mirrors – carbon fibre

– Engine cover – carbon fibre

Available supply only, with worldwide mail order. Or Paramount also offer a full fitting service too.

If you have any question around Tuning and performance upgrades for your VW Golf, the team at Paramount will be happy to help – Contact Us

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