Alientech Kess3 Remap Tool

Alientech Kess3 Remap Tool

Alientech Kess3 Remap Tool . The all new Alientech Kess3 is on sale now. And it’s really been worth the wait. The new Kess3 is packed with some great new features. This is one action packed feature busting upgrade.

The Alientech KessV2 has been the go to tuning tool for thousands of professional tuners around teh world. it has a strong reputation of being steady, ultra reliable, with huge tuning coverage and with the best technical support team in the remapping industry. So you would think the KessV2 is going to be tough act to beat. Welcome to the Alientech Kess3, with a huge specification list

Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool
Alientech Kess3 Remapping and Tuning

Below you will find just a few the highlights of the new Kess 3 tuning tool:  

  1. The Alientech Kess3 offers OBD / Bench and Boot tuning all from teh same unit. So there is no longer a need for an additional tools, or plug in extra modules. The Kess3 covers BOOT or BENCH tuning, and OBD remapping, you just need the right cables and protocols  and you are set to tune.
  2. Its flexibility too, so protocols are sold separately. As such there is no need to purchase packages you don’t want. And the new protocols packages can be added any time. Therefor, if you have a Kess3 and it only has OBD tuning active. You can add bench / boot protocols straight away. hence, you don’t miss out on work that where new or different protocols are required.
  3. Bench / Boot protocols are available by vehicle type, not ECU type as per the K-Tag tuning tool. Hence making the tool set up much more specific to your needs, and more cost effective too
  4. Service mode tuning, there is no need to open the ECU for bench tuning on a large selection of ECU types. You can tune quickly and easily from the outside ECU plug connectors
  5. Its fast, the new Alientech Kess3 uses some of the latest technology available to provide an incredibly fast processing for reading and writing ECU data. This means less time connected to the vehicle. And hence faster turnaround on the remap you are working on.
  6. The Kess 3 runs on all new  “Alientech Suite” software. This is a new all-in-one management program. There are no longer complex menus to navigate through. Just look up and select the vehicle you want to tune right from the home page. Select the method “OBD” / “bench – Service mode” / “Boot – Direct to ECU Circuit board”, and you are ready to tune.

But Wait, we are just getting started…..The new Alientech Kess3 Remap Tool

  1. Fast interface. The speed of the Kess 3 interface is 7 times faster than the previous Alientech system. Opening and ready to tune in seconds.
  2. Quick search helping you to find the vehicle you are looking for. Now there is no need to go through long menus. You can get to the option you want straightaway. Simply filter by ECU or TCU type, and you are there. Or fuel type. Much easier, and its the simplest remapping interface on the market.
  3. Kess3 is tough and built for the tuning world – The new Alientech Kess3 has a tough rubberised outer edge. This is take the shocks and bumps when its being used in real garage environment. It also has useful rubber none slip feet.
  4. Clear instructions are presented on screen before you proceed to the tuning pages of the Kess 3 software. As such you cant miss vital instructions. And helps keep you updated with the tuning knowledge you need to the compete job.
  5. As well as an upgraded cable set. The new Kess 3 cable set is so easy to use and now includes an additional GPT cable set in the same  plug and loom as the main power, earth, CAN, and k-line loom.
  6. Superfast checksum calculation. As such, there is no waiting for slow complex checksum calculations . The new fast processing power of the Alientech Kess 3 is faster than any other remapping tool.

Those are just a few of the exciting new features the Alientech Kess 3 has to offer. The new kess3 tuning tools are now ready to go. With Free collection, or worldwide shipping available. If you currently have a KessV2, or K-Tag tuning tool there are some great trade-in and upgrade packages available too. Offering up to 95% protocol discounts.

Alientech Kess3 Training Courses:

If you are looking to learn more about the new Alientech Kess 3 remapping and tuning tool. You can see a suite of training and coaching videos here on this site.

Who is Paramount Performance ?

Paramount is part of the largest seller of Alientech tuning tools and software in Europe. Alientech tools, software and accessories are in stock ready to ship. Tool sales include installation and training. Your Kess 3 training can be in class in the UK. As well as online. Paramount offer a worldwide service, with door to door delivery. Online technical support, and international sales are tax free too!

Alientech Kess3
Alientech Kess 3 Remap Tool

Where to Purchase Alientech Kess 3 tuning tools

You can see the full range of Alientech Kess 3 tuning tools, software here in the Shop: Kess 3 Shop

If you have any question, or need help and advice, mail the support team at

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