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  • Classic Aston Martin DBS V8 exhaust system

    Aston Martin DBS exhaust system and Aston Martin DBS V8 exhaust systems.

    High grades stainless steel Aston Martin exhaust systems and mufflers made to order. Paramount offer an unrivalled range of classic Aston Martin exhaust systems and exhaust mufflers for the complete range of Aston Martin cars, including the Aston Martin DBS exhaust system,  and Aston Martin DBS V8 exhaust systems.

    Exhaust system sound, look, finish can all be custom tailored for the desired result, all of our Aston Martin DBS exhaust systems and Aston Martin DBs V8 exhaust systems comes with a life time corrosion warranty too  

    Exhaust Systems and Aston Martin Mufflers are available for all Aston Martins cars, if you are not sure, or if you don’t see what you are looking for please e-mail us – we are here to help. 

    Paramount the home of the classic Aston Martin DBs and DBs V8 exhaust system manufactures  


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  • Aston Martin DBS Lowering Springs

    Aston Martin DBS Lowering Springs 25mm 25mm

    Aston Martin DBS Lowering springs are perfect for track day and every day road, these Aston Martin DBS lowering and handling springs dramatically improves both a vehicles performance and appearance, without introducing a “bone shaking” ride quality.

    Our Aston Martin DBS lowering springs lower your Aston Martin DBS centre of gravity reducing squat during acceleration and body roll when rendering,

    Paramounts Aston Martin DBS lowering springs offer Top-Performance Handling, lower centre of gravity, and progressive spring design and function.

    Paramount Performance for all your Aston Martin DBS lowering springs, tuning and performance exhaust systems.

    Aston Martin DBS Lowering springs – Please confirm year and model when ordering

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  • Aston Martin DBS De-cat software solution

    Aston Martin DBS De-cat software solution


    Some Aston Martin DBS drivers will want to remove their catalytic convertors, (de-cat) Whilst the physical job removing the catalytic convertor is quite straight forward (Paramount have a range of ready to use Aston martin De-cap pipes) simply removing the car will leave the owner with an orange warning light!  – and in some cases a car that goes into a limp home setting – not ideal.


    The Paramount performance Aston Martin DBS De-cat software will resolve this issues, turning you de-cat warning light out permanently


    Paramount Performance the home for all you Aston martin DBS tuning and performance parts


    *De-cat pipes are for offroad / motorsport use only

  • Aston Martin DBS Car Cover

    The Aston Martin DBS Luxury Custom Tailored Indoor Car Cover is the perfect accessory for any Aston Martin owner who wants to protect their car from dust, dirt, and other indoor contaminants. This high-quality car cover is specifically designed to fit your car perfectly, ensuring a snug and secure fit that will keep your car clean and pristine.

    Crafted from premium-grade materials, this Car Cover is built to last, even under the most demanding indoor conditions. The precision engineering and expert craftsmanship ensure that every aspect of the car cover is optimized for maximum protection and durability.

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