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Despite being pretty striking and aggressively styled vehicles out of the box, Paramount Performance has now introduced a host of upgrades, because we believe there is always room for improvement. What’s more, our high quality carbon parts provide you with the opportunity to customise your car and stand out from other BMW M3 and BMW M4 owners in your car club or at your BMW owners track day.

The factory offers some high quality carbon fibre components, but they are limited to mirror caps, a small rear spoiler, side inlets, and a centre insert for the rear diffuser.

We offer BMW Carbon Fibre that takes things to the next level.

front quarter low BMW M3

A wide range of high quality BMW carbon fibre parts are now available for your G80 BMW M3 or G82 BMW M4.

We offer a wide range of high-quality products. Our workshop in Warwickshire, UK has physically tested all of these parts on our own G80 BMW M3 Competition.

There is no dipping or wrapping involved, these are components made of high-quality carbon fibre.

BMW M3 Carbon fibre kit

Our parts are made from dry carbon fibre. Dry carbon fibre is formed using impregnated pieces of carbon materials. This method reduces waste during the manufacturing process and results in a lighter weight material compared to parts that are formed utilising the wet method. The wet method results in a part which is weaker and heavier compared to dry carbon fibre.

In addition to adding your personal flair to your vehicle, these components also offer a genuine performance advantage. Our ultra high quality, dry formed carbon is both strong and very light weight, and will provide you with a significant weight saving vs standard factory parts. A nice enhancement to have on your next spirited drive or track day.

We found that our premium quality vented carbon fibre bonnet provided a weight saving of 8.2kg on its own.

BMW M3 carbon fibre bonnet

We are able to provide each element listed below as a separate item, and we also offer a full carbon fibre styling kit for your G80 BMW M3 comprising of bonnet, boot lid, rear diffuser, front and rear bumper finishers, front splitter, grille, canards, side skirts, fender trim and rear wing.

The BMW M3 carbon fibre package is one element of our full Gravity Wave upgrade package. This package also includes a significant power hike, and a high performance exhaust system. It’s a superb option if you really want to unlock the full potential of your G80 BMW M3. Click here to find out more about the BMW M3 Gravity Wave package.

Better yet, if you own a BMW M3 or BMW M4, get in touch with our helpful team to discuss the goals and ideas you have for your build. We would be delighted to help you achieve your vision.

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