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We just unlocked the true performance potential of your BMW M car! You can thank us later!

The S58 powered BMW M cars are seriously potent vehicles from factory. The G80 M3 combines well in excess of 500 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque to propel itself from 0-62mph in just shy of 4 seconds. That said, we know the S58 has more to give! Let us unlock the true potential of your M2/M3 or M4.

The ECU in these vehicles is currently locked, so it is not possible to perform a custom remap at this time. This would normally involve writing a modified file for the vehicle with updated parameters, which is then loaded back into it’s ECU.

With this limitation in mind, the research and development teams at Viezu and Paramount Performance have been working together to find a safe, reliable and effective tuning method for the S58 equipped M2, M3 and M4. We have scoured the globe for a tuning solution that meets our high standards, and after hundreds of hours worth of research and on vehicle testing and analysis, we have found a tuning system we are extremely happy with.

It is our pleasure to add the world renowned Burger Motorsports JB4 tuning system to our product range. This advanced device is a lot more than a simple “tuning box”. A huge amount of extremely advanced technology lies within its billet aluminium shell. The system includes highly advanced features such as CANbus OBDII integration, as well as fuel and spark control. The system installs between the cars sensors and it’s ECU and modifies the signals being processed to improve performance. Following thorough testing, we strongly believe it to be the ultimate tuning device for your S58 powered G80/G81 M3, G82/G83 M4 or G87 M2.

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This BMW M3 Tuning system offers a huge amount of flexibility, allowing you to go from factory settings to full bore track mode and everything in between, at the tap of a button. Yes, the JB4 can be wirelessly controlled from any compatible iOS or Android device. It is also possible to connect to your windows laptop with the optional data cable, but we highly recommend using the mobile app for convenience and a great user experience.*App purchase required.

Given the nature of the device which is effectively a plug and play item, the installation is very easily reversible. Simply remove the JB4 tuning system and your car is totally restored to factory specifications. If you want to revert back to factory settings as a temporary measure, this can easily be achieved through the companion application. One big advantage of this system over an ECU remap is the total removal of any risk that your map is removed by a dealer performing a software update on the vehicle.

  • The device can support up to 8 different maps
  • Can read and delete fault codes
  • View and record up to 40 engine parameters in combination with the companion app
  • Plug and play installation
  • Boost by gear control in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear for the best possible launch
  • Unrivalled tuning features and performance
  • Fully compatible with all driving modes
  • Uncompromised smooth vehicle running, as smooth as standard
  • No impact on fuel economy in normal driving
  • Strong and durable billet aluminium enclosure
  • 91 Octane fuel or better required for improved performance
  • Made in the USA

BMW M3 tuning


The JB4 provides some seriously impressive power and torque gains. Providing in the region of an extra 80 BHP and an additional 100 Nm of torque. Based on our in-house testing, these figures are very achievable subject to the specific vehicle and the quality of fuel being used.

As part of our extensive research and testing process we have completed multiple dyno runs of the G80 M3 on our highly advanced 3,000 horsepower 4-wheel drive rolling road. Prior to installation our factory spec G80 M3 delivered readings of 559 horsepower and 716Nm of Torque. Significantly higher than the officially quoted figures. Despite these impressive factory numbers, we still saw extremely compelling gains from the JB4 tuning system. Following the installation of the JB4 tuning system for BMW we saw reliable and significant increases in power and torque. A 72 horsepower increase from standard, and an increase of 94 Nm of torque. The final results stand at an extremely impressive 631 horsepower and 810 Nm of torque. Those are definitely increases that you will feel, and will enhance your driving experience on the road and on the track.


Here at Paramount Performance, we only sell products we believe in. Adding the Burger Motorsport JB4 to our line-up is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and testing. The product has been thoroughly tested on our Dynamometer and road driven hundreds of miles prior to launch in our shop.

Just how confident are we? Our Managing Director is using this product on his own daily driven G80 BMW M3.

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• 2021 onwards S58 BMW M4 G82

• 2021 onwards S58 BMW M4 Competition G82

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