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Carbon Fibre Bonnet | Mercedes-Benz G Wagon

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This Carbon Fibre bonnet is designed to fit the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Each of our carbon fibre components is meticulously crafted using the best materials available. Weave patterns are consistent throughout every component. Due to our production processes, we achieve an exceptional carbon to resin ratio, resulting in products that are not only stiff but also very strong. We coat our products with a glossy, chip-resistant clear coat for a stunning finish.

Our commitment to quality is second to none. Using only the finest materials, every component is made of premium-grade carbon fibre, ensuring an exceptional carbon/resin ratio that results in an exceptionally stiff product with added strength. The weave pattern is consistent throughout the entire construction, providing a stunning finish that is both stylish and functional. Genuine Carbon Fibre Weave, (not hydro dipped or wrapped).

SKU: VIEZCB0001335

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