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Paramount Performance can tune nearly all commercial vehicles. This includes HGV tuning, Truck tuning, Lorry tuning, 7.5 tone and Van tuning and well as most Tractors, Excavators and other farm and industrial machinery, generators and Marine engines.

The tuning of commercial vehicles is not just about the additional power, torque, driveability and BHP that can be delivered. This can be very considerable. But with the correct engine and ECU remap very significant improvements in fuel consumption can be achieved. Factory set speed-limiters can also be removed at the same time. (subject to legislation in the UK, and not where there is a legal requirement).


Lorry engines and ECUs can be tuned to deliver considerable extra pulling power and torque. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful. Mid-range acceleration and torque can be increased, reducing gear shifts and significantly increasing MPG return and driving pleasure.

Most Lorries can be tuned including the Mercedes HGV range, DAF Tuning, Volvo and Scania tuning, as well as MAN amongst others. Lorries and HGV vehicles can be tuned in-house at our workshop. But we can also complete ECU remapping on-site at a convenient place or depot – call or mail for details.

RS Rail System ltd offer specialist vehicles and services to the rail construction industry. Due to their vehicles specialist construction and weight, fuel economy and engine power was a real issue.

In January 2008 SRS contacted Paramount Performance Tuning to explore what options may be available to increase the power and fuel economy for their Volvo F12 tractor unit. Paramount attended SRS in Derby during January and undertook specialist tuning to their F12 tractor unit and a number of other vehicles on their fleet.

After the work Peter of SRS said “we have been very pleased with the increase in power, the vehicles feel smoother and tackle gradients with greater ease, reducing gear changes and improving driveability. The biggest benefit has come from the improvement in fuel economy though, prior to Paramount tuning our Volvo F12 returned around 4.2 mpg, but now we are seeing a much improved 6.7mpg”

Paramount Performance offers tuning for power, economy or combinations tuning nationwide.


Van engines and ECUs can also be tuned to deliver considerable extra pulling power and torque. Vans will feel smoother and more responsive, acceleration and torque across the rev range can be increased and fuel consumption can be improved by around 4-5MPG. In addition, factory-set speed limiters can be removed.

Most Vans ECUs can be tuned including the Mercedes Sprinter van tuning, Vito van tuning, range, Fords Transit tuning and escort van tuning, VW Van transporter tuning, T4 tuning, T5 tuning and Sportline, Fiat, Citroen and Renault diesel van tuning can be carried out as well as most other vans. Diesel van tuning can be carried out either in-house at the Paramount workshop or at a location convenient to you, please call for details.


Paramount Performance can offer a full range of Taxi tuning options. These include Taxi diesel tuning boxes, Taxi ECU remapping, chipping, chip tuning and Taxi engine tuning, for London Black cabs, London TX4 and TX5’s, most private hire vehicles can also be tuned, giving extra power, performance and most importantly fuel economy.


Tractor engines and ECUs are also highly tuneable, considerable and important additional bhp and torque can be released which can significantly boost vehicles pulling power and performance. Vehicles will feel smoother and more powerful, and the increase in torque can be very useful for driving equipment and PTOs.

Most Tractors and many types of powered farm machinery can be tuned including, Case, Claas, Massey Ferguson tuning, John Deere, New Holland, Valtra tuning amongst others can all be carried out. In addition, diggers, forklift trucks and excavators can be tuned including Bobcat, JCB, and Caterpillar. Tractor and Farm equipment can be tuned in house at our workshop, but we can also complete ECU remapping on-site at a convenient place or depot – call or mail for details.


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