EVC WinOls Training Online – 2hr Online One on One Training course

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2hrs intensive online EVC WinOls tuning training course, it’s amazing just how much you can cover in a 2hr dedicated one on one car tuning training course on the EVC WinOLS tuning software.




The online WinOls training sessions are all done one on one live via skype and conducted by a master WinOLS trainer and tuner, if you pick it up sooner, or are already using it you may need less. We can move at your pace and focus on cars that are of most importance to you.




Many students book their first session a little apprehensively, not sure how it will work, or even if it will work, but feedback is always very good, it’s amazing just how much you can cover in a 2hrs session.




It’s best to arrange and book the sessions one a day, or once every other day, don’t leave it too long between sessions, or the knowledge starts to fade before you put it into practice, but don’t try and do them all at once in one big session either, as it is too much to take in, and we want you to practice what you have learned between the sessions so we can all be happy you are getting it ok.




You can book and pay for just one session at a time, but if you know you want a few sessions in quick succession, its best to pre-book them to secure the dates.

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