Forge20bmw2033520intercooler20kit20-20alloy20upgraded20bmw2033520intercooler20twin20turbo-scaled-1. JpgForge20bmw2033520intercooler20kit20-20alloy20upgraded20bmw2033520intercooler20twin20turbo-scaled-1. Jpg

Forge BMW 335 Intercooler Kit – Alloy Upgraded BMW 335 Intercooler Twin Turbo

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This Forge BMW 335 intercooler kit is the perfect solution if you are losing power on a modified BMW 335 through higher intake temperatures. Whilst the original BMW 335 Intercooler is good, once you modify your BMW 335 you really need to keep the air-intake temperature down to get the best out of your BMW 335, your tuning, and modifications.


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