Getting Into ECU Remapping and Tuning  

Getting Into ECU Remapping and Tuning    

Paramount Performance ECU Remapping and Tuning . You should consider a few things if you’re interested in becoming a tuner, offering performance upgrades and ECU remaps. The Amount of information available can be quite overwhelming at times. To help new tuners get started, here are some tips.

Getting into ecu remapping and tuning  
Getting Into ECU Remapping and Tuning

Getting started with tuning

First of all, you need to decide whether you want to write your own tuning and mapping software as a “master” Or alternatively get started as a dealer, or a slave tool operator.

Master tuning tools

A master tuner can write their own tuning files and software. You can buy remap software from various remap providers or compose your own tuning files if you have a master tool. To become an expert file writer, you may need to dedicate some time to perfecting your skills. However, training and courses are available to help you achieve this. As a master, you will also need software to edit tuning files in addition to your tuning tool. Alientech ECM and WinOLS are two of the leading software programs. You can see some of the best tuning file writing courses here on the website And the team there will be happy to help with any questions.

Getting into ecu remapping and tuning  
Getting Into ECU Remapping and Tuning

Becoming an ECU remapping dealer

Getting started as a dealer is a good idea if you’re new to tuning. A tuning tool is provided in this case, as well as tuning files. Providing you with tuning and remapping files that are ready to be loaded. It’s a great way to get started with tuning and remapping. It is usually easy and cheaper to become a car tuning dealer than to become a master. You can see more on remapping and tuning here: ECU Remapping

Getting started with tuning and remapping

Tuning tools are not all the same, so do your research. Additionally, there are clones and fakes on the market. Buy from an approved reseller who is known and reputable. There’s an old saying that if something sounds too good (or too cheap), it probably is.

If you are looking for a file provider as well as tuning tools and software to run your business, take your time and choose the right option for you and your company. In addition to free advice, Paramount will also be pleased to offer free training sessions on the different tools.

Support and training should be provided free of charge to dealers. Your master provider must run a dyno and provide live custom files. As well as providing you with custom tuning files. Insurance and warranties should be provided for their software files. Moreover, they should provide a free resupply and retune service for life. In addition, you really will want a 30-day money back guarantee on all the files you purchase. As well as a 7-day a week service with long opening hours each day. And a max one hour SLA for all files. And do make sure you have the option to move your tool to another provide if you wish, or upgrade to master as soon as you feel it is time.

Remapping and tuning  
Remapping and Tuning

Free demonstrations and training for tuning tools, as well as setup assistance  

The Paramount team is on hand to offer further advice regarding tuning and remapping. The majority of tuning tools and software on the market are available from Paramount. And we will be happy to offer advice based on the your requiremnets, vehilces and business model. In order to assist you in getting started and understanding your options, Paramount offers free training and demonstration sessions. It is possible to complete these in person at Paramount workshops and training centre. As well as online. Through the week, the file and dealer support service is available from 7am every day.

UK Tax is not charged on sales outside of the UK in addition to worldwide sales and support.

Please mail the Paramount support team should you require further information: Contact Us

Paramount performance remapping and tuning  
Paramount Performance Remapping and Tuning





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