Jaguar XE Supercharger pulley crank – Larger pulley V6

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Jaguar XE Supercharger pulley crank is manufactured by Paramount Performance, exclusively for our services. The Paramount Jaguar XE V6 Supercharger pulley kit is available with fitting service, or mail order too. This larger Jaguar XE supercharger pulley boosts the performance the Jaguar XE V6 engine. As such, improving throttle response, acceleration and pull across the rev range. The Paramount larger Jaguar XE supercharger pulley fits V6 engine and is 15% larger than the standard Jaguar part. Hence taking the Eaton supercharger to 17,500rpm, still a good safe 500 rpm lower than the max suggested rpm. However, delightfully more powerful than the standard set up. 

Please be aware the Paramount Jaguar XE lower crank pulley will require a remap too. Due to the additional air flow created, the vehicles ecu must be remapped and tuned with our software to adjust fuelling. As such, when combined these Paramount upgrades can increase power by up to 80bhp

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