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Jaguar XKR Crank Supercharger Pulley – 4.0 Upgraded Crank supercharger pulley

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Jaguar XKR 4.0 /4.2 Crank Supercharger Pulley – Upgraded crank supercharger pulley


The upper Jaguar XJR supercharger pulley is the one most commonly changed, but for these owners looking for the next steps and additional performance we can also change the lower crank pulley driving the supercharger pulley.


Changing the Jaguar XKR supercharger crank pulley dramatically improves power delivery and further increases throttle response and midrange power by up to 38bhp.


The Jaguar XKR 4.2 engine can also remapping, so the engine management software can further be increased to take full account of the lower supercharger pulley. The 4.0 XKR engine can’t be mapped, but the software does react and adjust for the larger boost pressure delivered through the lower supercharger crank pulley


In order to supply our Jaguar XJR supercharger crank pulley, we do need you to send us your original crank pulley, as we physically mill and machine the original pulley


We can do this either mail order if you send us your pulley, or we can do it over night if you are able to bring your car to us 


The price shown here is just for the machining and pulley supply, if you are looking for fitting, please mail us for prices and details




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