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JB4 for BMW B48/B58 GEN3 BETA

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Power gains of up to 130hp on a stock vehicle without the risks of flashing!

The JB4 is the most advanced and highly featured tuning system available for your B58 GEN3 powered vehicle. Power gains are up to 100whp to the wheels (125hp crank) on a completely stock car on 93 octane, and even higher with ethanol fuel mixed in!

This new JB4 BMW tuner is specifically designed for the latest B58 variant and is capable of processing the new ultra fast SENT digital sensor signals in real time with zero latency. The JB4 features a simple plug & play installation harness for easy installation & removal and includes many features not found with any other tune. Including on the fly in-app map switching between factory and various performance maps, boost limiting by gear for improved traction in lower gears, progressive water/methanol support, built-in data logging, built-in code reading, and much more. Other more expensive tuners may claim to equal the JB4’s technology but upon closer examination lack most if not all of the JB4’s features.

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