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JB4 Performance Tuner for 2019-Present Aston Martin Vantage BETA

£665.83£790.00 exc. VAT

The JB4 is simply the most powerful and feature-rich tuning system available for your Aston Martin Vantage. Using the same technology as our advanced tuning systems for the BMW M3 and M5 models, our new Aston Martin Vantage system delivers factory smooth performance increases in a package that can be installed or removed in under an hour. The JB4 includes many features not found on other competitive Aston Martin Vantage tuning products, including:

Fuel control to ensure safe operation at higher power levels. CANbus allowing the JB4 to monitor and integrated advanced engine data for unparalleled perforation and safety. Performance maps for pump fuels, E85 mixtures, race fuels, WMI, and even a lower than stock performance VALET map, all selectable on the fly via the optional JB4 mobile phone app. With JB4 Mobile you can also datalog to your phone, enter setting or custom map changes, update the firmware to unlock new features and maps as we add them, read or delete fault codes, measure your 0-60 time, and much more.

In addition, the JB4 includes many useful racing features not found on any other system including user-adjustable boost by gear to improve traction off the line.

SKU: VIEZ000023987

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