Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool

Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool

The all-new Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool is out now. The new Kess3 offers flexibility with OBD, Bench as well as Boot programming all from the same hardware.

The Alientech KESS3 sets a new standard for tuning tools. With all-new technology, it’s without doubt, the most in the tuning tool market. The new Alientech Kess 3 is unique in terms of functionality, speed, vehicle coverage and ease of use.

The Kess3 provides a simple and straightforward interface for tuning ECUs and TCUs. As such, its simple-to-use technology makes it a great tuning system for new tuners and industry veterans who have been tuning for many years.

Alientech kess3 remap and tuning tool
Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool

Offering Tuning and remapping for Engine and Gearbox al in one device 

The Alientech KESS 3 offers fast reliable tuning and remapping for OBD, Bench and Boot tuning.

OBD – The OBD tuning allows access to the ECU data through a vehicles On-Board-Diagnostic port.

BENCH – A fast straightforward tuning option connecting to ECU connection plug (service mode)

BOOT – This remapping and tuning method connect to the ECU board and allows full access to ECU software.  Including cloning in this mode.

Master or Slave Tuning Tool Options

The Alientech Kess 3 is a complete service remapping and tuning tool. It can be set up as a master or slave tuning device by adding protocols.

Master: You can edit the extracted software files independently with the master format.  Thus, the read files can be loaded into any tuning and remap editing program of your choice to make these changes.

Slave: If you do not plan on writing your own tuning software. Slave devices may be the most suitable choice. The master tuning file provider will provide you with support when you request remap files in this mode. This service and support are available 7 days a week from Paramount Performance. In that case, you can talk to the team about tuning files, training, and support for your tuning business.

Alientech kess3 remap and tuning tool
Alientech KESS3 Remap and Tuning Tool

Kess 3 – 30 years of experience and passion.

Since 1991, Alientech has been designing and developing remapping tools.  Alientech’s Kess3 tool now incorporates their huge experience driven by the passion for what they do.

KESS3 is designed to be the best tool available on the market. In addition to being user-friendly, it is highly flexible.

Microprocessors are new and come with the latest generation of I/O interfaces. Moreover, new sensors and EEPROM and Flash memories are integrated into the device. This is just a few of the great new features


Tuning is completed performed by the most powerful microprocessor in the industry.Kess3 is 7 times more powerful than the previous generation of remapping tools.. This makes the process more efficient, faster, and more reliable.

Communication lines
Detect the optimal communication channel automatically with KESS3. Therefore it works faster with only the OBD cable. Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN Bus, K-Line, L-line, J1850, J1708. As such all the important tuning communication lines required to initiate the remapping process.

The Future of Remapping.

GPS, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are already included in Kess3. There are many more exciting features coming soon.

Fast Performance

Using the new USB hardware, it is up to 10x faster to import and export remap software files. In addition, Alientech added a new web infrastructure to KESS3, making it even faster. As a result, Alientech cloud operations are faster and more efficient.

Resilience and Durability for the workshop environment.

The new KESS3 has an all new case too. In addition, the tool design is versatile and made for the tough workshop environment due to the durability of the materials. The hardware unit has a tough fiberglass body. Which provides a lightness and yet is resistant to shocks and knocks.

Alientech suite kess 3
Alientech Suite

– NEW Operating Software.

 There is an all new operating software for the new Kess 3 too. New Alientech Suite is faster, easier-to-navigate, and much simpler operation.

Offering much quicker vehicle lookup, with a new user dashboard. In addition, your favourite vehicles can now be in a list ready to access.  There is also a history of previously tuning too.

Compatibility List 

New protocols and vehicles become available every day. They can also be found online here And there are now multilingual technical training instructions available.

Customize your KESS3.

The Alientech Kess 3 offers flexible activation protocols and setup according to your tuning needs.  And of course, you can add new protocols and activations any time as you need them.

Type of Vehicles 

Kess3 activation protocols are available to purchase in vehicle group packs. As such you can select from, Car, Motorcycle, Truck / Tractor and Marine protocol packages for tuning

Communication Methods :  OBD, BOOT and BENCH connection from KESS3 to the vehicle / ECU

Where to Purchase Alientech Kess tuning tools

You can see the full range of Alientech Kess 3 tuning tools and software in the Paramount shop here : Alientech Kess3 Remapping Tools 

Worldwide sales, Tax free with fast door to door delivery

If you have any question, or need help and advice, please mail the team at   

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